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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ringing in the ears and Tinnitus is an alarm that the energy in your kidney meridian is low or deficient.
In addition to the acupressure in this blog article, use LI 4, between the thumb and index finger. I have a series of healing breathing exercises that I have found work wonders – especially if your health problems get worse when you are under stress. Thyroid Gland Imbalances: There are several acupressure points that can help balance the thyroid gland.
I observe that even a harmless lipoma as well the more serious thyroiditis have underlying emotional roots. You’re practicing many excellent healing techniques, which I encourage you to continue.
For your Insomnia: I hight suggest using the acupressure points GB 20, under the base of your skull, about 3 inches apart.
I am currently compiling a handout containing suggestions that they can use between their treatments to encourage these areas to heal and return to a balanced state.
I am making all the self-healing info in this blog available to you and your clients to promote more healing in the world. Thank you so much for supporting my blog and this healing work which I believe complements the healing work you do with Reiki energy. We will be provided with an authorization token (please note: passwords are not shared with us) and will sync your accounts for you.
Chronic tinnitus affects a large number of people, with perhaps 3–5 percent of the tinnitus population significantly disturbed by their condition. Over the past decade animal models have contributed significantly to the neuroscience of tinnitus (Roberts et al., 2010). Recent technical improvements have enabled the acquisition of well-resolved spectra from small tissue volumes. Hearing thresholds were determined immediately before and after exposure (for exposed rats) using auditory brainstem-evoked potentials (ABR). Prior to spectroscopy, each animal in its home cage, was placed in a double-wall sound insulated booth for 20 h without food but with freely available water. Prior to spectrum acquisition, glass vessels 2 mm in diameter were prepared with either 10 mM of GABA or 10 mM of Glu dissolved in sterile normal saline.
At the conclusion of behavioral testing, the rats were individually imaged and volume-localized 1H-MRS spectra were determined. Significant tinnitus was evident in the exposed rats approximately four months after exposure. A study published by the British Acupuncture Society found that a€?acupuncture is a simple, relatively safe and potentially efficacious and useful technique in the management of temporomandibular dysfunction (TMJ). Over a 10 year period I discovered five energetic acupuncture circuits which help balance our elemental energies.
This simple technique recently discovered by scientists at leading medical universities is the best way to permanently silence the noise blaring inside your ears. Pulsatile tinnitus – a informative guide to this condition, Tinnitus is a medical term to describe a condition in which the individual perceives sound when no external sound is present. Ringing in ears (tinnitus): check your symptoms and signs, Read about causes and medications for ringing in ears or tinnitus. Ringing in ears treatment, Ringing in ears treatment that is safe and natural and really works..
Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) – causes, treatments, Tinnitus is the ringing, buzzing, crackling, or hissing sound heard inside one or both ears. Dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting and ringing in ears, Dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting and ringing in ears. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) treatment and diagnosis, What are the treatments for tinnitus?
What causes that strange humming sound you get in one ear, Askville question: what causes that strange humming sound you get in one ear sometimes?
What would cause my computer to start making a loud, Askville question: what would cause my computer to start making a loud humming noise? Humming sound – noise help, Hi sarinne, what advice can you offer in regards to blocking out very low frequency noise? Tinnitus: rushing noise in ear, Year after year, there is an increase in the number of people complaining of a rushing noise in ear or both ears, and the us alone, millions are sufferers of this. Causes of high blood pressure: weight, diet, age, and more, What causes high blood pressure?
Ringing in the ears caused by blood pressure, Information on how changes in your blood pressure may cause a ringing in your ears.. Effects of greater occipital nerve block on tinnitus and, We analyzed relationships among tinnitus relief, dizziness, and results of vertical autocorrelation studies of head movement to investigate the effect of greater.
Tinnitus and dizziness – david lowinger, Tinnitus and dizziness are often warning signs of serious hearing loss. Sound sleep asm1002 sound sleep machine review ~ tinnitus, The sound sleep asm1002 is a options packed sound sleep machine for white noise. Conair sound therapy sleep machine pillow ~ tinnitushelp, The conair sound therapy sleep pillow is ideal for anyone suffering from tinnitus and ringing in the ears.
Sound machines & natural sound conditioners for better sleep, Sound machines can improve sleep and eliminate distractions by providing soothing sounds. Cure ringing ears – how to get rid of tinnitus from home, What is tinnitus, and how to cure ringing ears from home. Dangerous decibels, Public health campaign designed to reduce the incidence and prevalence of noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus by educating children and changing their attitudes.
How to lower blood pressure suddenly, three best home, How to lower blood pressure suddenly, three best home remedies for hypertension, best foods to reduce blood pressure. Tinnitus home remedies – home, A constant ringing or humming in the ear can be so disturbing. Eustachian tube dysfunction and sinus infection, Eustachian tube dysfunction and sinusinfection. Eustachian tube dysfunction (etd) « family webicine, Family webicine friday, july 17, 2009 eustachian tube dysfunction (etd) by rod moser, pa, phd. Most Tinnitus and ear ringing conditions, unless caused by injury, are related to excessive stress or trauma, which depletes the energy flow to your kidneys.
Acupressure on the Base of your Skull (GB 20) and the acupressure points near and around the top of your head.  Press these points about five times each, alternating your position between firm pressure on GB 20, underneath the base of your skull, and pressure into the sore spots on the back of the top of your head.
Hold CV 6, located between your belly button and public bone, taking slow deep breaths, into you go into a deep state of relaxation for 5 to 10 minutes. Deep breathing exercises combined with acupressure is the formula for counteracting ringing in the ears. To increase the effectiveness, I suggest you get the Qi Gong Breathing Exercises Program called Less Stress. These types of instructions are beyond your book ones, since they describe how your hands are applying pressure on your patients.
Using acupressure techniques that press these points in the neck and chest area is just part of a holistic treatment. From more points and techniques, see my chapter on Knee Pain in my Acupressure’s Potent Points. If you want to explore this further, I encourage you to use my book called Acupressure for Emotional Healing, which will enable you to gain even deeper emotional connections and provide acupressure point routines for working on yourself. Press firmly, up underneath the skull bone, and hold for about two minutes while in a chair or while laying on your back, with your head tilted back to gradually increase the pressure, using the weight of your head for leverage.
I have a huge body of practical information to give to Reiki practitioners, even some Reiki masters. When doing the reflexology treatments I am aware that their kidney reflexes feel different to any other and one of them expresses discomfort when this area is treated. With your permission I would like to include details of the acupressure points from your website. I hope you’ll recommend other materials I have written or produced, especially the new e-products that will not cost any shipping for your clients. I’m pretty sure I have an issue with plantar fascitis in my right foot as long as I ice my foot with a frozen water bottle and massage my foot with a golf ball, it helps alot.
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Exposure to damaging high-level sound is likely the leading cause of tinnitus in young people (Muhr and Rosenhall, 2011) and the second leading cause in older adults (Nondahl et al., 2002). While diverse, all animal models assume that the sensation of tinnitus results from relatively primitive alterations in central auditory processing.

Point-resolved spectroscopy (PRESS) can be used to optimize signal strength from small volumes, while ultra-short echo times can be used to reduce signal multiplets thereby improving peak dispersion and the resolution of complex spectra such as those obtained from brain tissue. The brain spectra were calibrated against spectra obtained from glass phantoms, filled with known concentrations of GABA and Glu, and comparable in size to the VOI. Ten months prior to spectroscopy 16 of the animals participated in a study examining the effect of supplementary dietary taurine on tinnitus. Briefly, an operant conditioned-suppression procedure was used to determine the animal's perception of test tones and silent periods embedded in an ambient of low level (60 dB, SPL) broad-band noise (BBN). Individual animal and group discrimination functions were derived from the final 3–5 sessions of each test series, where performance variability was minimal. The objective was to equate the baseline acoustic environment for all subjects, and to reduce the acoustic ambient to a low-level. Initial attempts to include one or more calibration vessels along with the brain during spectrographic data acquisition distorted the field, making shimming impossible. Calibration of GABA spectra using an array of phantoms, each containing 10 mM GABA in sterile normal saline, distributed across the imaging field of view. Calibration spectra of GABA and Glu, obtained using the same scanning parameters (see Methods for details) used to capture VOI spectra.
The protocol in the present experiment (exposure before psychophysical training and testing), reveals tinnitus as a downshift in discrimination functions.
Examples of tinnitus in individual rats.(A) A rat with focal narrow-band tinnitus in the vicinity of 20 kHz, and (B) A rat with rather broad-band tinnitus localized between 10 and 24 kHz. Another study done at the RibeiraI?o Preto Dental School at SaI?o Paulo University in Brazil concluded that patients with TMJA had significantly less pain, less clenching and increased strength of bite after three months of acupuncture treatment. By using acupuncture and herbal therapy and advising him on appropriate diet and lifestyleI.
Since DHEA is essentially the chemical battery of Fire energy, I knew that if I stimulated the points that connect the kidneys, the gonads, the adrenals, the thyroid and the pituitary through a window of the sky point, it could enhance Fire energy.
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Besides points on the kidney meridian and around the ears themselves, the most potent points for boosting the health of the kidneys are located in your lower back. Explore all the points that are covered by wearing a Jewish cap, known as a Yamulka or Kippah. This flattens the curve in the lower back, which can relieve lower backaches and is good for the kidneys.
I suggest that you start by getting a good acupressure chart - so you can find the acupressure points close to your burning pain.
If you can do this – it stimulates a series of acupressure points on the Bladder meridian.
Please let me know if you have any ideas of how I can directly reach and teach Reiki healers.
Damage to the peripheral auditory system, in the long-term, reduces afferent input to the central auditory system and appears to stimulate compensatory central changes. In animals, tinnitus is induced by manipulations, such as high-level sound exposure, that commonly produce tinnitus in humans. Insertion of asymmetric variable power RF pulses into the probe sequence can be used to reduce the otherwise intrusive water peak that obscures signals above 3 ppm (Mlynarik et al., 2008). GABA and Glu were selected for analysis because they are, respectively, the major inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters in the auditory pathway; their concentrations are at detectible levels in small brain volumes, and they have been identified as potentially playing a significant role in tinnitus. The experimental protocol was approved by the Laboratory Animal Care and Use Committee of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. ABR measurements were obtained using either a TDT System 3 Real Time Signal Processing System running BioSig32 and SigGen (Tucker Davis Technologies, Alachua, FL, USA), or an IHS Smart EP System, running IHS High Frequency Software (v. The key feature of the procedure was that animals were required to discriminate between the presence and absence of sound when tested with a variety of sounds varying in composition, frequency, and level. The sound floor in this environment across the audible frequency range for rats was less than 10 dB (SPL).
Therefore, calibration spectra were obtained either before or after acquisition of brain spectra. Using multiple phantoms arrayed throughout the field of view illustrates optimized field shimming and selection of the least-variant spectral peak, from among the multiplets at each location, used to quantify the compound of interest (in this example, GABA).
The peak, from among the multiplets, used to quantify GABA and Glu is shown by the pointer. To reduce the displacement error of microvolume localized 1H-MRS, caused by large chemical shifts in the strong magnetic field, a hybrid short-pulse sequence, obtained from R. Peaks in closest approximation to the calibration peaks for GABA and Glu, were outlined, and the area under each curve (AUC) for each was determined. The statistics in each panel represent a comparison of exposed and unexposed groups for stimulus levels above the OFF setting.
Data from seven initial rats were used to adjust and optimize experimental parameters and were not included in the final analysis. GABA and Glu concentrations were significantly lower in the contralateral MGB of exposed animals. Although differences between exposed and unexposed animals were not statistically significant, significance levels may have been masked by measurement variability stemming from field anisotropy rather that neurochemical variability.
I sensed that activating the circuit I call Air would assist with hearing, tinnitus, mental creativity (intuition) , Mystical Insight, Integration and non-separatism. Close your eyes to feel for hallow spots, and fit your fingertips into each of these indentations.
If the ringing in your ears sounds like its coming from metal, you’ll need to practice these exercises for six months, to discover the benefits. Relax deeply immediately after rocking for a minute or two, taking slow deep breaths, letting your energy circulate and balance. The idea of using Reiki energy techniques on the acupressure points and meridians is very exciting. Several potential compensatory neural processes have been identified, such as increased spontaneous activity. The presence of tinnitus can be revealed by appropriately designed psychophysical procedures (Brozoski and Bauer, 2008). Separation of spectral lines and extraction of weak signals can be further enhanced by using very high-level magnetic fields and additionally through the use of a tunable pickup coil (Odintsov, 2011).
While the features of tinnitus in rats (and humans) cannot be directly known, it is certain that tinnitus cannot sound like silence.
Initial calibrations were done with GABA and Glu in combination with compounds, such as creatine, that were expected to produce unwanted spectral lines potentially obscuring those of GABA and Glu.
The VOI for each auditory region was kept constant and its placement was made as standard as possible using image reference points. Relative rate of lever pressing, as indicated by the suppression ratio (see Text), is shown on the y-axis, and test stimulus across stimulus levels (dB, SPL) is shown on the x-axis.
As in Figure 3, relative lever pressing is shown on the y-axis and test stimulus across levels is shown on the x-axis. Discover thousands of images about Acupuncture Points on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. When beginning Acupuncture the body and mind can then go into a deep state of relaxation, emotions become easier to process. Take slow deep breaths as you briskly massage this area, by slowly turning your hand, gliding over the bumps on your skull for two minutes. If you ever feel sluggish or tired, doing the Less Stress DVD will make you feel 20 to 30 years younger.
In the present experiment, the brains of rats with psychophysical evidence of sound-induced chronic tinnitus were imaged, and point-resolved proton magnetic resonance spectra (1H-MRS) were obtained from tissue volumes localized to areas in the auditory pathway that have been identified in one or more studies as potentially involved in mediating tinnitus. Evoked responses were differentially recorded from a subcutaneous vertex needle electrode referenced to an electrode at the occiput. The animals were tested daily in commercial operant test chambers (Lafayette Instruments, Mod.
Spectrograms of the mixtures were used to identify GABA and Glu peaks, from among their multiplets, that provided the clearest separation from background.
1H-MRS spectra were obtained bilaterally in the order indicated in Table 2, with acquisition parameters optimized for each VOI.
AUC values were copied to an Excel (2007, Microsoft, Redmond, WA) spreadsheet for analysis. Frequency-specific suppression was evident in both individual (Figure 3) as well as group data (Figure 4), between 16 and 24 kHz.

Asterisk next to the axis label indicates the direct pathway with respect to the trauma-exposed ear. There are 12 major meridians and eight minor ones, and acupuncture needles will be placed at various points in these meridians to harmonize energy. The combination of the acupressure and doing these easy ancient breathing exercises twice a day, heighten your ability to heal yourself in many ways – beyond what words can say. I’ve used the sport jelly belly beans and they are decent but my all time fave is Cliff shot blocks, they work really well for me and settle down nicely in my stomach.
Because central processing systems are integrated and well-regulated, compensatory changes in one system may produce reactive changes in others.
Analyzed areas included the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN), the inferior colliculus (IC), the medial geniculate body (MGB) or auditory thalamus, and primary auditory cortex (A1).
The sound was delivered monaurally using a speaker driver (FT17H, Fostex, Tokyo, Japan) in a custom enclosure funneling the sound to a flexible tube that fit snugly into the auditory canal. For subjects with tinnitus, test stimuli that resembled their tinnitus served as a signal for response (lever press) suppression.
Calibration and peak selection were further refined using arrays of phantoms distributed in the field of view as shown in Figure 1.
The AUC of each neurochemical was converted to concentration level (mM), taking into account VOI volume, calibration vessel volume, known calibration concentration, and calibration AUC, as indicated in Equation 1. Individual subjects showed some variation in the frequency range of their suppression, from rather narrow (Figure 3A) to broad (Figure 3B).
I hope you will make a commitment to doing this regularly and work at it, to discover the benefits. Can alterations in the concentration of these compounds be directly detected in the brains of animals with objectively confirmed evidence of tinnitus? Digitized records of the evoked responses (40 μ sec resolution) were exported to Excel (Microsoft, Redmond, WA, USA) for analysis and threshold determination.
In contrast, for unexposed subjects without tinnitus, the signal for suppression was silence.
Immediately before acquisition, animals were given a lethal dose of anesthetic (Euthasol, Virbac, Ft.
Three hundred scan repetitions were adequate to resolve all spectra, with the exception of the DCN (Table 2). Acquisition of spectra from one animal, along with attendant field shimming, required approximately 7 h to complete. These acupuncture points are places where the energy pathway is close to the surface of the skin. After a month or two of doing both the acupressure and breathing exercises – will you let us (our acupressure community of 7,000) know your results and questions from doing these natural healing practices? To examine the roles of GABA and Glu in tinnitus, high resolution point-resolved proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-MRS) was used to quantify their levels in the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN), inferior colliculus (IC), medial geniculate body (MGB), and primary auditory cortex (A1) of rats. All sound levels reported in the present experiment are unweighted pressure levels re 20 μ Pa.
Hearing thresholds for each ear were defined by the lowest stimulus level that produced statistically distinct and visually distinct evoked waveforms, defined as the maximum peak-to-peak deflection within the 10 msec window following stimulus onset. The behavior of interest was lever pressing during randomly presented test sounds (1 min duration) that substituted for some of the speaker-off presentations (also 1 min duration). Worth, TX), decapitated, the mandible removed, and excess muscle tissue dissected away from the skull. Chronic tinnitus was produced by a single high-level unilateral exposure to noise, and was measured using a psychophysical procedure sensitive to tinnitus.
The head was placed in a polyethylene holder along with a 1 mm diameter glass capillary filled with CuSO4 (3 mM). Spectra for the four auditory areas of interest, DCN, IC, MGB, and A1, are summarized in Figures 5–8. If you are in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, feel free to contact us at our acupuncture and wellness center for appointments. I had picked up some acupressure technique from a book entitled Acupuncture without needle written by a doctor.I have also tried to circulate chi around 12 meridians suggested by a very old book named as Chinese meditation.
Decreased GABA levels were evident only in the MGB, with the greatest decrease, relative to unexposed controls, obtained in the contralateral MGB.
The image phantom of the capillary indexed the left hemisphere, making VOI laterality unambiguous. Each figure depicts selection of the VOI in the top panel, a representative individual spectrum from that VOI in the center panel, and estimated GABA and Glu average levels for exposed and control animals in the bottom panel. She patiently listened to my situation, gave her incredible insight, and was able to start seeing me right away.
The remaining eight presentations were of a randomly selected tone or noise, with different levels in each presentation. GABA and Glu estimated mM levels are reported separately for each hemisphere, ipsilateral, and contralateral, with respect to sound exposure. Although Glu levels showed considerable variation, Glu was moderately and bilaterally elevated both in the DCN and in A1.
In my practice, and experience Acupuncture can be helpful for tinnitus in its beginning stages. However I recalled the loops of meridian and try to circulate breathing and mental energy around these meridians.the book had suggested sexual energy to be circulated. Traditional Western medicine experts are beginning to realize that it has merit and produces results. These bidirectional and region-specific alterations in GABA and Glu may reflect large-scale changes in inhibitory and excitatory equilibrium accompanying chronic tinnitus.
Tinnitus is defined as a sensation of sound perceived by a person regardless of an external stimulus.
The present results also suggest that targeting both neurotransmitter systems may be optimal in developing more effective therapeutics. A value of 0 is attained when lever pressing in the current minute is 0, a value of 0.5 when lever pressing in the current minute is equal to that of the previous minute and a value of 1 when lever pressing in the previous minute is zero. This technique is beneficial for those who enjoy taking an active part in their own health and wellness. After passing our middle age, many of us start to develop the following problems: hypertension, high blood sugar, heart problem, neck and back pain, insomnia, diabetes, A prostatitis, A arthritis, cold feet, etc.
R provided a running index of behavior, in 1 min segments, and enabled a quantitative comparison between subjects as well as unbiased compilation of group data. Small GABA increases may have been present bilaterally in A1 (Figure 8) and in the contralateral DCN (Figure 5) however, these differences were not statistically significant. Acupuncture is a comprehensive healthcare system that originated in China over 2, 300 years ago.
R is a useful index of perceptual performance in that it is very sensitive to short-term behavioral effects, such as those produced by sensory events, but it is very insensitive to gradual behavioral effects, such as those produced by changes in motivational status, for example, satiation. My review of VAAWC is based on several visits to treat a severe allergy, digestive problems, and tinnitus.
Tui Na-Chinese massage; and the stimulation of Acupuncture points with mild electrical current or low-level lasers. In the context of the present procedure, it was expected that exposed rats with tinnitus would have lower R values than unexposed rats, when tested with stimuli that resembled their tinnitus. Further details of the psychophysical procedure appear in an open-source document (Brozoski et al., 2012). 21 Adjusting the cervical spine, especially upper cervical and cranium, 22 could be a starting point.
Bales explains, acupuncture is a centuries-old system that uses extremely fine needles to stimulate certain points in the body.
It can be used to treat everything from asthma to mood swings to tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Bales usually urges his patients to start with two treatments per week for the first two weeks, followed by a re-evaluation.
A Specializes in: Hormone balancing, PMS, Menopausal symptoms, stress reduction, pain management, lower back, neck, foot and shoulder pain, headaches, sleep disturbances, digestion, gout, tinnitus, detoxification, weight management, and nutritional guidance. Your healthcare practitioner will use the system to create a starting point for treatment, and to measure the success of the treatment over the course of your recovery program. For the reasons described in the beginning of this section, virtually all studies of acupuncture are single-blind, and such studies (except when performed on anesthetized patients) cannot exclude the possible effect of confidence conveyed by practitioners performing valid treatment as compared to lack of confidence by those delivering sham treatment. Several controlled and open trials of acupuncture for tinnitus (ringing in the ear) found no benefit.

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