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Skip to menuSkip to contentWe use cookie files to improve site functionality and personalisation. ReplyAs a qualified health professional who regularly irrigates ears for patients with wax build I would warn against this. ReplyI love these "health care professionals" who talk as if getting an appointment at the Doctor is as easy as walking into a Bakery and ordering a Loaf of Bread. 2) Even if you are one of the lucky few who get chosen from the switchboard tombola (usually the ones who are ringing from a landline and three mobile phones all at the same time), then you will then have all of your symptoms scrutinised for worthiness by a receptionist.
So unfortunately, some people don't use these things out of choice, more out of sheer desperation because the 'right' way wasn't made easily available to them. Tried olive oil but didn't work for me although I understand it it works on some people but it takes time and patienceReplymiddla1 year, 10 months ago#5Replyi've got this and worked for me. I had used a cotton bud and and must have push the wax aginst my ear drum because i couldn't hear for a week in one ear. Chapped lips are characterized by dry texture of the lips and may possibly crack due to loss in moisture or evaporation of moisture in the lips. Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is Singapore's flagship hospital offering comprehensive range of medical specialties and services for our patients spanning over two centuries. He was not satisfied with the diagnosis as he recalled during his primary school days, there was a hearing test and he was referred to the children’s clinic where a “gunshot wash” was given to him. He wants to know where he can go for the same type of treatment that he had received as a child. A The human ear is designed to be self-cleaning, where ear wax (also called cerumen) migrates out of the external ear canal and onto the skin of the external ear (pinna). When the ear wax is unable to migrate out, it tends to become impacted in the external ear canal.

This can develop suddenly in the case of a sudden expansion of the ear wax after a swim, for instance.
The hearing loss can also develop slowly over several months, in which the ear wax slowly builds up in the external ear canal and completely occludes it. This is available in certain general practice clinics as well as at ear, nose and throat specialist clinics.
The first problem is that it is a “blind” procedure, as the ear canal is not visualised during this procedure. In some patients who have a hole in the ear drum (tympanic membrane perforation), water flushed will also enter the middle ear and predispose them to infection.
Lastly, the water may also lead to rapid expansion of the ear wax, which may aggravate the impaction. The safer way to remove ear wax is to have it removed professionally by an ear, nose and throat surgeon, who directly visualises the external ear canal with a microscope while removing the ear wax with a suction apparatus or various microscopic instruments.
As the surgeon is able to see the ear canal during the procedure, accidental damage to the ear drum and external ear canal can be avoided. In your son’s case, where he had a hearing test and was subsequently referred to a children's clinic during his primary school days, it would be important to determine if the hearing loss was really due to the impacted ear wax or some other reason.
There are numerous causes of hearing loss, including problems in the external ear, middle ear and the inner ear.
It would therefore be a good idea to consult an ear, nose and throat specialist if the hearing loss persists despite clearing out the ear wax.
It is really dangerous if ears are irrigated incorrectly and can cause lasting damage to the eardrum and ultimately hearing.
I'm sure that the advice given is correct and well intentioned, but away from the internet and out in the real world have you actually tried getting an appointment at surgeries in some areas?

During this 20 - 30 minute window, the mad, desperate scramble to get an appointment and the constant sound of engaged lines, is something akin to a "Ring in now and the first random caller we pick will win a brand new BMW" competition on the radio. If you use warm water it softens and erodes the wax so it can take some time doing it over and over again, but eventually it gets it out.
I just put few drops in for one day, then use this with warm water and it clears them every time.
We often can discover that patients have unknown damage to their eardrums such as perforations (holes) whereby irrigation would be dangerous this is another reason why it is so important ears are checked by a health professional qualified in ear care. It basically runs water in and out your ear gently so you can't damage yourself, but it takes time. This is a fairly common condition and can cause puffiness, weight gain, bloating, painful and swollen knees as well as breast tenderness.
This occurs more frequently when the external ear canal is crooked or narrow, such that the wax is unable to migrate out of the ear canal easily. There are drug store preparations like Debrox™ to help soften it if water treatments don't work. Stills disease is a form of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis characterized by high spike fever, intermittent rashes and arthritis.

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