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Earwax Blocking an Pressure Equalizing Tube The ear tube may get blocked with a little bit of earwax or dried blood, making it stop working.
Sometimes, it is possible to clean out the tube with drops, but it also may be necessary for the ENT doctor to open the tube up using special instruments. I am really surprised to hear that there can be negative effects to cleaning your ears of the wax. You can get it professionally done by a doctor, or you can stick one of those weird earwax candles in your ear.

You say that cleaning the wax may leave you susceptible to bacteria and germs but what could happen if these things do enter your ear? She told me that there is research out now that says you should not put anything into your ear that is smaller than your elbow! There are sensitive parts inside your ear that can be damaged by products such as cotton swabs.
I also saw recently an ad on tv for a new products that looks like a hair drier called the WaxVac.

A For now, if there are bugs you want--Just let me know and I'll get them tied up for you.

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