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A study carried out by medical experts in New Hampshire has reported that home based treatments for the removal of ear wax are more beneficial for people. It was found by researchers that bulb syringes sold at pharmaceutical stores might be a lot more beneficial than perceived earlier. It was pointed out by authors that there are nearly two million such procedures that are carried out in clinics every year in the UK.

Drops are quite commonly used by researchers and there is little proof to show that only drops are beneficial for removing ear wax. During the study, it was reported that ear wax built-up can be easily remedied at home with the help of ear drops to soften the wax and then using a bulb syringe to flush it.
Richard Coppin, who said that the research clearly called upon the health authorities to do away with ear wax removal procedures.

He felt that such an initiative will help in reducing the time and costs involved in such procedures.

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