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The Biggest Earwax removal by otoendoscopic technique ever 2!!-A Maior cera de ouvido do mundo 2! For the last 17 years, I've traveled to over 40 countries, and every continent, as an audiologist conducting presentations and training on audiology and hearing instruments for a major manufacturer. Although ear candling is said to be an ancient practice, its origin and history are unclear.  Places and cultures as diverse as China, Egypt, the pre-Columbian Americas, Tibet, the mythical city of Atlantis, and the Hopi Indian tribe have been mentioned as having originated the practice. Most ear candles sold in the United States are manufactured here or in Canada and retail for between $2 and $10.
Probably to avoid difficulty with the FDA, White Egret, Inc., offers candles, plate guards, a 73-page manual, a 30-minute videotape, flame-retardant cloths, ear oil, and an otoscope. While the FDA has received reports of burns, perforated eardrums and blockage of the ear canal that required outpatient surgery from the use of ear candles, they have found no valid scientific evidence to support the safety or effectiveness of these devices for any medical claims or benefits.  To make matters even worse, some ear candles are being advertised for use with children. As one might imagine, professionals are totally skeptical about this procedure.  There are a few research studies on this topic. Thank you for a very comprehensive and persuasive post explaining why ear candling is a really terrible idea!

I've learned that audiologists the world over, while a diverse group, share the same goals and objectives for our patients. They can be made of linen or cotton (often unbleached, as practitioners claim that chlorine is bad for the ears) soaked in wax or paraffin and allowed to harden. According to the FDA warning, children of any age, including babies, are likely at increased risk for injuries and complications if they are exposed to ear candles. I invite guest articles on topics ranging from differences in training, expertise, and scope of practice from one country to another to interesting, debonair, or disgusting practices. Ironically, one manufacturer uses only pure beeswax, claiming that paraffin is carcinogenic. A paper plate or other collection device is placed above the ear, and the candle is inserted through a hole in the plate into the ear canal. Small children and infants may move during the use of the device, increasing the likelihood of wax burns and ear candle wax plugging up the ear canal. Stories of travel, clinical practice, research, training diversity and other topics are of particular interest.

Some candles are colored, which is controversial in ear-candling circles, though the color of pure beeswax varies. The candle is lit, and trimmed as it burns down.  After the candle burns down and is removed from the ear, a cotton swab is used to clean visible wax from the ear, and oil is sometimes applied as a finishing touch. Also, their smaller ear canal size may make children more susceptible than adults to injuries. A survey of 122 otolaryngologists identified 21 ear injuries resulting from ear candle use. Home varieties include wax-soaked newspaper and cones of pottery into which herbal smoke is blown. Some waxes contain herbs or other substances, including sage, chamomile, rose, rosemary, burdock root, osha root, periwinkle, jojoba, quassia bark, yucca root, or honey.

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