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It seems sort of strange to sit down and write about excessive ear wax, but it’s a discomfort that many people deal with. After all of that trial and error, I tried one more home remedy when the wax started to build up again. There is a lot of contradictory information online about whether ear candling is beneficial. After ear candling, I can feel that the wax in my ears has softened, and pieces make their way out of my ear canals over a course of a few days afterwards.
My husband tried ear candling even though he has never had an issue with excessive built-up wax.
If you would like to try ear candling, I would recommend first talking with your healthcare professional and do plenty of research. This entry was posted in Green Living, Natural Remedies and tagged does ear candling work, ear candling, natural ear wax removal method, non invasive ear wax removal, removing ear wax naturally by Cortney Timmer. Thanks for sharing…I had a ton of wax on my pillowcase too on a few different occasions! I would try it on my kids if they were older and willing to be still for that period of time. When candling my partners ears it always has such black smoke that I don’t see when we do my daughters ears. And as for therapudic, well everyone in our hose has experienced falling asleep with it before. I have candled for 20 yrs but this last time, about 3 wks ago, my ears hurt on the inside for about 2 wks.
Sorry to hear that you had discomfort…interesting that it happened this last time and you’ve been candling for 20 years! I would definitely ask your healthcare provider about candling before you try it at home, especially since you spend so much time in the pool. Ear candling has worked wonders for me, and I have tinnitus and the process of massaging the area around the ear, jaw and neck made a difference for me. I had a very painful left ear drum which looked deformed under examination with an ear scope. You may want to try this as ear drops, you may use crushed garlic in virgin olive oil slightly warmed. I first heard about ear candling about 35 years ago, and found it very interesting as well as quite effective.
I have been candling for about 15 years and I have found them to be soothing and effective we have the benefit of having a sauna in our house and have found if you have a nice hot sauna before hand the big clumps of wax will come out in the candling process and we usually do two candles per ear for the adults and one for the kids I have three boys, 11, 9 and 5 ( I think we started about four years old for each ) we try to do it halfway through the winter and again in the spring My brother and his family usually come over for the process as well.. Ear candles are effective way to fetch out every single thing which irritating you inside your ear. My husband was slowly struggling to hear things, thus the radio was always up louder, he would also talk more loudly and often ask for things to be repeated. We note the swimming caution so thanks and it was good to hear positive stories in your blog as everywhere we had looked was very negative. Hi, I developed a bad hearing problem which I knew was wax in my ear it got so bad it started hurting down from my ear down to about my jaw after walking around the house all day Saturday and having to turn my head sideways to hear what someone was saying and fighting with ear drops, cotton swabs, and a dull toothpick to get the wax out of my ear with no success I decided it was prompt care time. I did my daughters years just a couple of days ago and I will admit I was sceptical about them working. Hello, I’m actually a student studying to become an SLP and I actually just finished an audiology class and an entire section of the class was directed towards ear candling. The Original Homemade Laundry DetergentHomemade Dishwasher Detergent and Rinse AgentHomemade Sunscreen – It’s Natural and It Works! We laugh all the time about feeling like an old 80-something year old couple who can’t hear each other. We were convinced to purchase after she told us how long she had been using them, how well they cleaned her ears out, and how safe they were.
We set up a small station, watched the YouTube instructional video to make sure we didn’t burn the house down, and got out the camera. After getting over the fear that my candle was going to burn too quickly and catch my hair on fire if Matt took his eyes off me, I was able to relax.
We had a nice relaxing Saturday afternoon as we lit small fires on our couch, just above our very flammable hair, and awaited the promised results.
You should have heard our deep discussion afterward, acting all science-y, like we knew exactly how the candles worked. As I prepared to write an article on our disappointing (yet relaxing) experience with ear candles, I found some very interesting information. Then I went to the Harmony’s Candles website to find more information about the candles we used. So Matt was onto something; we would have found the same unpleasant waxy buildup in a candle burned outside of our ear. I’m sure that candling is a wonderful holistic treatment, when applied properly by someone who has more knowledge than myself. DISCLAIMER: Information on DIY Naturalaā€˛? is not reviewed or endorsed by the FDA and is NOT intended to be substituted for the advice of your health care professional. I promise to continue looking for a solution to combat the horrible selective hearing ailment that is sweeping through our households! I think I prefer my candles in a bowl on the table to see, not above my head coming out my ear. Wow, sounds like you benefitted from some of the holistic healing properties the ear candles boast!
I am a certified Homeopath for over 18 years now and have been coning people’s ears for that long and it works wonders! Lisa, read this article for a clear understanding of our view of homeopathy and naturopathic medicine. There’s no documented evidence that these cones have been used by Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, and certainly not Atlantis. If you really want your ears clean and healthy go to a clinic twice a year and have them examined and properly washed out, or do it yourself with the ear cleaning kit you can get at the pharmacy. I use sweet oil as well in my ears and it has eliminates the pain and ringing I was having in my ears. We tried some a few years back because the lady swore by them and told us the whole sucking thing and whatnot. Despite being a traditionally trained physician, I consider myself open to many complementary therapies.

I have personal experience caring for a young woman who severely burned her ear canal while using and ear candle. For those of you who are not familiar with ear candles or ear cones, they are made of fabric soaked in wax and then shaped to form a hollow tube. Locally I have seen this procedure offered by beauty salons and spas, as well as massage therapists. The ear canal is meant to be self-cleaning; as skin cells migrate from the tympanic membrane out of the ear canal. Recent Commentsobat untuk menghilangkan jerawat on Did you send out Christmas cards this year? My opinions in this blog post are my own based on my experiences with it; I am not a trained medical processional and am not making medical claims.
It’s used to soften built-up and impacted ear wax to aid the body in naturally expelling the excess wax and cleansing the ears.
You place it in a small hole in the center of a piece of cardboard or a paper plate, then put the tapered end of the candle near the ear canal. Creating meals with organic, non-GMO foods for the health of her family is a passion of hers, as well as taking steps to live a greener, healthier lifestyle. Later on, I learned that we should not swim with the head immersed for 3 weeks afterward because you lose so much wax coating in the canal that you have no protection for 3 weeks. My hearing alone is always noticeably better, especially if it’s been a year or more since the last time. I LOVE your pictures…I have to say you’re very talented (and brave) doing the ear candling on your own ear while taking pictures at the same time!! Both he and my daughter who is 7 request it every now and then, and they both suffer excessive build up of wax. One is a tapered more rustic, homemade style and the second type is paler, is a straight tube but also has a type of plug in the end that goes into the ear. Last night however I could see colour variation in the base of the used candle so curiosity got the better of me and I opened them up. And my daughter who always fights rest and meditation will very happily lie down and let the candles do their work while she falls into a very deep sleep. The ear wax an ear candle is capable of removing would be in addition to this residue and whatever falls out later. I would be interested to hear if you find a reason why it happened, or if it happens again after candling. It makes sense that your body needs time to replenish protective wax before your ears are submerged. You have to keep your ears dry even from the shower for 24 hours, and not swim with your head underwater for 2-3 days.
Have your partner drop 3 drops with a tea-spoon in your year canal while you have your head on the side. It probably wouldn’t help to the extent of the sauna, but I wonder if it would be beneficial to have a nice warm shower before candling. She has always had some sort of problem with her ears and also has a quick build up of wax in her ears. We hovered over the hollow candle as it was exposed… a powdery, yellowish, laced-with-dark-clumps-of-something, waxy inner residue.
I dug and dug and dug because I still didn’t know what legitimate reasons the manufacturers had for selling this product. We didn’t get exactly what we hoped for when using the ear candles, but it was a fun little experiment.
You can typically find her experimenting with essential oils, taking article photos with her DSLR camera, or concocting new recipes for cleaning and beauty products. As a child and even a teenager, I was prone to lots of wax build-up that would sometimes cause ear pain.
The material found in used ear candles has been tested and never found to contain candida or ear wax. But when I saw the title, I thought it was going to be related to something my family does. She had extreme pain and hearing loss that required general anesthesia for removal of the candle wax that dripped into her canal. The candle is sometimes stuck through a paper plate or aluminum pie tin to protect against any hot wax or ash falling onto the subject. The scientific name for ear wax is cerumen, and it is produced in the outer third of the ear canal. Wax in the canal also moves outward as the skin underneath grows outward, taking with it dirt, dust and any particulate matter that may have gathered. I also sometimes suggest a couple of drops of olive oil once a week if you have hard, dry wax.
It involved water being forcefully squirted into my ears for an hour, followed by a pointy tool digging the wax out. Whether it’s ear candling or another less invasive method of removing impacted ear wax, I wish you luck in feeling relief!
I just heard last night that the health food store I used to live nearby is having an ear candling demonstration by a holistic practitioner today. My husband has tinitus and I have stopped up ears (maybe sinus), and my son has tons of ear wax.
We have found that the tapered one leaves a fine wax powder in the ear that comes out easily, however as of last night and cutting apart the remains of the candle to satisfy my curiosity I am certainly a much bigger fan of the one with the plug. She bought 2 and I never thought it would work after lighting it up I could feel the pulling of something from about my jaw up to the candle as it burned further the pain I had just went away needless to say after my son cut the final ashes of the candle and then extinguished it I raised up and could hear them saying we told you so.
I have experienced the pain and hearing loss caused by built-up wax and it’s frustrating to say the least.
You can also do your own investagation to see the stuff in that candel did not come from your ear.
I am sure it did some good for me, but I did feel kinda stupid that I had never burned a candle berfore this to see if I had eax wax removal or not. People talk about all the disgusting junk that comes out of their ears, how clean their ears feel afterward, and how well they can hear.
The site stresses the importance of correctly using a candle that is made of quality materials (food-grade wax and unbleached muslin), and making an educated decision about whether candling is right for you. I learned a lot about the ancient practice, and we may even give them another shot (with new, more enlightened expectations) at some point.

If you are removing wax with a vacium, why doesn’t it hurt the ear drum which is next in line in the ear? They are starting to find that most sinus infections and ear problems are viruses not bacterial.
Whatever vortex the ear candling allegedly produces cannot reach it to cause it to drain the inner ear. If someone opens one up to show you how much it cleaned out your ears they are a charlatan. See, I’ve watched my aunts before, when they have an ear ache, put a lit cigarette up into their ear.
We were skeptical so we bought extra to burn outside our ear and it produced the same result as the one on our ear. I think nutritional supplements and even more importantly, the foods that we eat, are vital to health and well-being.
Technically marketed “for entertainment or recreational use,” it has also been touted to relieve sinus pain, cure ear infections, help relieve tinnitus and vertigo, and even strengthen the brain! The wet type is dominant and found in people of Caucasian and African descent, while the dry type is recessive and noted more in Asians and Native Americans.
Send an end-of-the-year letter instead.Alexandra Floersch on You are missing 14 hours of sleep every week. I’ve been dealing with it ever since I was a young kid and have had discomforts ranging from minor hearing loss to constant itching and painful earaches. Then you light the large end of the candle and let it burn until it reaches about 4 inches from your ear, trimming the candle as it burns every 2″ into a nearby bowl of water.
My son would have a build up of sand that would imbed in the pores of his ears and were impossible to loosen.
Yes, most of the ear candling articles online are negative in nature, so it’s great to have positive stories available as well. Yes it does work and take it from a man of 57 years that never believes in crazy ideas it’s true. We had heard all of this, but never did any research on the benefits or tried them ourselves.
This specific company actually appears to be working hard to debunk any myths and misinformation that may be circulating about ear candles. And one more thing not long after that my daughter started swiming at school and her ears hurt after.
It does take a couple of weeks to a month to clear up but it does work on clearing the ears up. The clinic washed out my ears and got a lot of ear wax out but also several little balls of hard wax from the ear candles that had fallen into my ear canal. According to them, the cigarette helps relieve any pressure in your ear, which decreases te pain of the ache.
Earwax lubricates the skin, and seems to minimize bacterial and fungal growth in the canal. Stubborn wax might require a trip to an ENT specialist, where a microscope and special tools or suction will be used to get the wax out.
The other worst experience I had was when I was pregnant and my ears were plugged up and aching because of buildup. It shouldn’t be used to treat an existing medical condition or serious ear condition.
While the candle is burning, you’ll hear gentle sizzling and crackling sounds and feel slight warmth in your ear. Then there was odd shaped clumps of a dark yellow wax, or we saw areas where this was attached to the internal side of the candle.
We burned two of them putting them in a plate and pacing them in a glass to burn while we were waxing out ears.
He said to help with that once a month put a few drops of sweet oil (they sold it there) in each ear to help loosed up the wax so you can clean it easier. After the procedure is finished, a brown waxy substance, believed by ear candling practitioners to be a mixture of ear wax, debris and bacteria, is left in the candle stub. Movement of the jaw causes some movement of the cartilage of the ear facilitates the natural cleaning process.
We used candles bought at the chemist shop and did about 5 rounds over two weeks as we kept getting lots of residue and a tiny little stone like thing after the third session. Matt said he wanted to do an experiment during which he would burn a candle outside of his ear to see if this same residue accumulated.
The doctor said it certainly blocked the ear canal from clearing itself and could have burned my ear drum causing permanent damage.
He said you can also use olive oil but make sure extra virgin because it has less particles in it. Health Canada states “There is no scientific proof to support claims that ear candling provides medical benefits. The actual ear wax removal is a more gradual process that your body does on its own after the wax is softened. I read in another comment that you have to wait 3 weeks to submerge your head after a candle wax extraction.
The residue and debris left in the stub is simply the melted wax and burned fabric from the candle itself. Given tha there was so much and how much of a build up he gets he asked for a second round of candling. If I had done another ear candling instead to treat the ear ache it would have done nothing good for me.
When some oxygen (or some kind of gas) burns up, there is less pressure inside of the bottle, so the pressure of the outside air pushes it in! I bent over the sink and irrigated my ears on my own with a bulb aspirator (probably not the safest thing to do on my own.) I did it periodically for 2 days.
5 days had gone by and I was so fed up that I finally warmed up some coconut oil and dropped it into my ears.

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