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Otosan Natural Ear Drops are based on an ancient herbal recipe and are now enriched with Propolis. Thanks to their soothing properties, almond and corn oils soften the earwax and aid its removal from the ear canal.

Otosan Natural Ear Drops do not contain artificial preservatives or colouring and, thanks to their active ingredients, they can be safely used by adults, children and people with hearing aids, as they do not dry the skin and respect the ear's natural balance. Please ask your friend to give your name and postcode, we can then credit your account ready for your next order. Where these are not directly related to a particular product such views may not necessarily be in accord with the views of Health Leads UK Ltd.

Essential oils, camomile extract and propolis have hygienic, calming and balsamic action and protect the ear, improving its natural defences.

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