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Unlike other ear cleaning products, Clinere Ear Cleaners actually remove ear wax and debris rather than pushing it deeper into the ear. The unique dual-end design offers a scoop for removing excess build-up on one end and a massaging head on the other. Mehta's rule of 10 method for ear wax removal10 drops per ear, plug ears for 10 minutes, rinse each ear for 10 secondsSpecially designed cup to allow the drainage fluid to be capture and reduce spilling over clothing or body Description:Clearcanal Dr. Clinere Ear Cleaners remove dirt and ear wax build-up that can cause temporary hearing loss and infection.

Mehta's ear wax removal complete kit is safe and natural, no pressure or pain with specially designed tip. Ear irrigation syringe helps flush and loosen ear wax which can then be removed from the ear canal entrance using the Clinere Ear Wax Removal Tool. The complete kit comes with a bottle of carbamide peroxide to soften the wax before rinsing, ear plugs to allow the medication to stay in the ear canal before rinsing and a specially designed cup to allow the drainage fluid to be capture and reduce spilling over clothing or body. It is highly likely that your ear wax is dry and encrusted, so making it difficult to clear.

Otex, or good old fashioned olive oil is used for several days beforehand to loosen and soften ear wax.

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