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Anyway, veteran PTZ fans, enjoy; those that are new to PTZ, you might want to hold onto your stomach! I was searching last night (Don’t tell BT!)and found a site where the Doc said if you want to find out if you have excessive build up in your ears, plug your nose and blow. The guys on Mythbusters have a hilarious segment where they made a candle from a mound of real earwax (it’s on YouTube) and they were honestly retching from the gross-taskicality of it all! Be one huge mess if you pack ear wax in very tightly and loud music would make it explode like a old Mussle loader rife..
It has nothing to do with cleanliness, everything to do with using a Q-tip to smash that **ZIT** down. I have been always told, to clean your ear properly, to pee in a cup , pour in ear, let drain.
So, are you supposed to pour the pee in your ear immediately after it exits your body, or let it sit for a while? Most people that I know who have serious ear issues pour in peroxide, wait for it to finish foaming, and then let the black stuff ooze out. Job got done and patient can hear again, but extraction didn’t match the precision of the usual Dr.

Contraindications to irrigation include the presence or history of a perforated tympanic membrane, previous pain on irrigation, or previous surgery to the middle ear.
Exceptional caution has to be used when clearing cerumen in patients who have undergone mastoidectomy, during which sensitive anatomical structures like the facial nerve and semicircular canals were exposed. Nothing like a selection of metal objects in your ear to guarantee the continuation of your ear drum!!Can anyone hear after a visit to him?
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J cl**ZIT**ic that is finally back on YouTube after much too long of an absence for (IMO) unwarranted reasons.
With that much wax in there she had to sound like she was in a drum…and that would drive us all nuts!
Best way to get wax out is to syringe it out with warm water, after you’ve used a wax softener. But mixed just with right amount of common household stuff will turn Aluminum Foil into one huge BANG..
I’ve taken showers every day for years, yet once I got a giant impacted m**ZIT** of that black wax in my right ear, and it made me almost deaf in that ear.

Forgodsake, you stupid earwax, let him pull you out, don’t struggle like that, it makes me insannnnnnne!! It would have been eaiser, and lesstrips going down there, only to have pieces break off, upon exit.
Well it gave me a headache and I didn’t hear anything so no wonder I’m hard of hearing! Ear wax softener and syringing with warm water got an astonishing amount of black wax out of both ears! Daily we add hundreds of pictures, dozens of videos, flash games, celebrities and other great stuff. There’s no voiceover for this one, just the music from the theatre when they tell you to turn off your cell phones.

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