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The disk that stops it from going too deep into the ear canal makes this tool about as functional as using my thumb. Patented and created by Doctors, this unique and innovative Acu-Life Ear Wax Removal Syringe is a much safer and comfortable alternative to standard rubber bulb style ear syringes, and can be used in locations that are unsuitable for other ear irrigators (i.e electric). The Acu-Life Ear Wax Removal Syringe is suitable for use in the home and is an effective way of removing ear wax without the involvement of a medical professional. The Acu-life 90ml Bulb Ear Syringe is perfect for gently removing wax & debris from adult ears, full instructions are located on the rear of the packaging.
The average waiting time for this is 2-4 working days, but please allow up to 7 days for delivery to take place.

Mack's Wax Away ear drops have been medically approved to safely and gently remove excess earwax (cerumen).
Our Sterile 20ml Ear Syringe is for those who prefer to receive a medically sterile product, the product is medically sterile on the first use only but can be used again if cleaned before each use. The Sterile syringe uses the Otoclear Tri-stream tip for easy, safe and effective wax removal every time. Jobar International have released an Ear Wax Removal Syringe similar to the Aculife Ear Wax Removal Syringe but with 3, yes 3 colour coded tips - the difference is you get 4 jets of water with these new tips rather then 3. This handy tool makes it easy to follow the directions on many hearing protection products that tell you to clean ears and remove excess wax before inserting ear plugs.

Orders that have just been received will be set to a status of entering until a member of our dispatch team processes it. The Ear-Wiz Ear Wax Remover features a unique safety stop to make it impossible to contact your ear drum and a spring flex wax removal loop to prevent injury to the canal wall.
Ear-Wiz can help prevent wax blockages that can occur from repeatedly pushing the wax deeper into the canal.

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