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Those thoughts raced through Marine Corporal Kyle Carpenter's head in the moments after he dove on top of a Taliban grenade, taking the brunt of the blast and saving the life of his best friend.
But he did wake up six weeks later, in a hospital bed at Bethesda National Naval Medical Center.
That "contact" came one day later, when their small patrol base came under blistering attack from small arms, sniper fire, rockets, and grenades. But with the sun still overhead and a Taliban sniper zeroing in on the Marines, their staff sergeant told them to get off the roof.
The next day, Carpenter and Eufrazio set up on a new post on the base's northeast corner, with limited protection from sandbags stacked about 4-feet high. An extensive investigation found that Carpenter had actually jumped on the grenade, absorbing the majority of the explosion. Carpenter was severely wounded, with injuries to his face, jaw, and upper and lower extremities.

US Marine Corps"Honestly, not patting myself on the back, but I wona€™t say Ia€™m surprised," Carpenter said, when asked if instinct had taken over in that moment.
Now going into his sophomore year at the University of South Carolina, Carpenter has bounced back from injuries that are often fatal.
But if he could have done anything differently, I asked, was there something he would change about the day he dove on a grenade in the middle of a Taliban attack? Now, almost four years after the incident, the retired Corporal will receive the nation's highest award, the Medal of Honor,A on Thursday in a ceremony at the White House.
19, 2010, Carpenter and his squad moved south by foot to a small village, accompanied by engineers, an interpreter, and Afghan National Army troops.
Kyle Carpenter (left) and Nicholas Eufrazio are pictured in Marjah, Afghanistan during their 2010 deployment.Along with his friend and point man Lance Cpl.
He goes to the gym almost every day of the week, and completed the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C.

Nick Eufrazio, Carpenter was on a rooftop a€” filling sandbags and dodging incoming fire a€” trying to watch over the southwest corner of the base.
At boot camp, it's even a drill that's practiced, with instructors throwing dummy grenades on the ground and shouting "Grenade!" while watching young privates fight to "save" the others. He wants to finish school and use the platform the Medal of Honor will provide to do good things for others.

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