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May 21, 2011 Paris B 24 Comments I’m quite a light sleeper, and in a foreign land or hotel or just a strange bed, I sometimes have trouble sleeping because of new or strange noises. I never really had much problem in Hk but it might be because I was always exhausted every night from all the walking!!
I never used ear plugs up until a year ago when a bunch of college students moved into a house opposite mine. I can’t use those plugs though, gotta keep an ear open for the little one at all times now.
I use them at night because my brother snores, and one plug will last me around a month or so.
I also use them when I go for my welding courses, and I’ll probably use them when I get a job at a shipyard.
Erm, you aren’t really supposed to clean them as they are not wax plugs, which are washable.

Recently, when I stayed at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul, I noted that my room was actually quite noisy in the morning, because it was facing the main roads which had heavy traffic. I developed tinnitus (ringing in the ears) about 5 years ago, and I’m so afraid it will get worse so I wear earplugs whenever I go anywhere loud. I haven’t checked my local Daiso yet but i got the sponge ones from Japan which is much cheaper.
The other commentators have given an idea on where to buy it too so reading their comments will help.
However, if you are new to leaving comments you may benefit from reading the comment policy first. No matter how you try, the pillow only manages to mask some sound… and its uncomfortable. But it will block out noise like people snoring, traffic outside the window, TV (if your room mate likes to watch TV before bed), lifts (if your room is near the lift) and the like.

The packaging proclaims that they use USA technology and i find them really good and affordable in the long run.
I’m not sure how swimming plugs behave but for sleep, simple foam ones that block noise will do. Permanent hearing damage can occur from 85dB so it is essential always to use hearing protection. I haven’t seen these here, but I have also bought others from Guardian pharmacy before. I may have to bring a pair on my HK trip though because I’ve read some hotel rooms are quite small and the walls are pretty thin.

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