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Inspiration Workshop is located in historic Ellicott City, Maryland, featuring Paul Houser's top-quality event video, nature photography and unique woodcraft. The pictured earring rack is about the largest my girls could think of every using.  I can also make smaller or custom sized racks, and an use stain to match your space.  Email me requests! I am a lifelong craftsman, specializing in video and sound production, photography, woodcraft, landscaping, aquarium design and gardening. We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics.
This elegantly shaped pair of 14 karat yellow gold 2 mm thick hoop earrings is simple yet timeless.

I've been looking for gold hoops for a while- but I'm never really happy with the sizes they come in. These hoops are so impressive, and they look really expensive, none of that cheap stuff you sometimes get when you're ordering jewelry online. Only recently I've found that non-gold jewelry, like costume jewelry with zinc and nickel have really been bothering my ears. Distinctive in design, this pair of palladium diamond studs features a modern 4 prong setting.
This girl loves earrings- she wars them like crazy, but she hasn't had a pair of real gold earrings for ages.

I was looking for a site that had jewelry that wouldn't burn a hole in my ears or pocket, and I found some beautiful products on Zoara that really fit my budget including these hoop earrings.
Professionally, I am an associate professor at George Mason University, specializing in Hydrology and Water Resources.

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