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I didn't know what to do with this long, past my knees, restricting skirt my grandmother gave me.
There are few moments in a young girl’s life that produce lasting memories and get to be shared with their mothers.
Well, those days are over, friends, due to the technological advances of Claire’s Jewelry store. Thanks to the wonders of Santa (Emma) and a big brother (Lucy), both girls received the gift of a lifetime for Christmas.
They were totally ready and only a little bit nervous when the day came, and by a little bit nervous we mean they each cried beforehand. It was determined, during an earlobe assessment period more thorough than most annual check-ups, that both Lucy and Emma have one ear lobe longer than the other (Clearly this is fate saying that they are meant to be BFFs for life). And we moms walked away with smiles and heavy hearts…because we know they are  one step closer to growing up.

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We’ve both discussed at length how we remembered as children (far younger than ours, by the way) sitting smack in the middle of a mall kiosk (not even an actual store!) while ladies raised what can only be described as a giant, metal hole punch type instrument to our ears and proceeded to insert the plainest, smallest, strangely oblong shaped gold ball looking earring of all time into them.
The huge and heavy piercing gun is a thing of the past because today’s tool resembles a tiny box that you might use to check your blood sugar. And of course, because her mother is nothing if not patient, loving and kind, she was quickly comforted by being told through clenched teeth that a babysitter for her younger sister was not procured on New Year’s Eve morning so that she could back out at the last minute.
It should be noted at this point that on hand were smelling salts and a promise from the amazing girl who did the piercing that no one left the store on her watch with only one ear pierced.
Hiked it up to my natural waist, over top of my cardigan, and threw on a waist belt otherwise it'd look awkward.
Gone are the days of longingly gazing at your mother’s earring collection, pawing through to find a clip-on earring that you can stand to wear for the length of time it takes to play dress-up.

Courage was upped and fashion won out when their good friend Sophie got her ears pierced the previous week and said it wasn’t that bad! She picked beautiful pink birthstone earrings that she couldn’t wait to show off the minute the process was finished! Welcome to the real world, girls, where the sky is the limit for the accessorizing you can do to your earlobe!

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