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Easy 30 day returns, Quality Assurance 1 year product warranty, Free Shipping at $50Quality Assurance 1 Year Warranty: This Mele jewelry box has a one year warranty which covers manufacturer defect and inferior workmanship.
I ordered this for my 12 yr old granddaughter for Christmas for her expanding collection of earrings.
Store your earrings, charms, bracelets or pendants in this contemporary storage case finished in soft faux suede. If within one year of normal use it is found to be defective, please contact customer service with specific details about the problem and we will assist you with an exchange replacement from the manufacturer.
Since 1912, Mele has been renown for affordable quality, attention to detail and classic style.

With over 75 unique designs, Mele makes a jewelry box to suit every need and popular styles sell out quickly. History: Mele Jewelry Box Company was founded in 1912 by Emidio Mele, a designer and builder of window displays who began creating gift boxes for jewelry items.
If for any other reason you are not completely satisfied, please contact us within 30 days for an item cost refund. The business grew and survived the Great Depression by building the boxes that held the Purple Hearts awarded during the war. Items must be in new, unused condition and original product packaging is required for an item cost refund upon our receipt of the item.

During the 1940' s the company prospered after introducing a jewelry box with an automatic tray that rose when you lifted the lid. Instructions vary by brand, please contact customer service for assistance with a warranty claim.

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