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Recent Work See my pearl bracelet and 2 pairs of earrings in the Winter 2016 issue of Jewelry Stringing. I wondered if these were really worth the price, as I mostly use ear hooks, not too many lever backs or posts really. Now if only I could figure out how to make those cards hang without scoring and folding them all! It would be interesting to know why they decided to go with the kit method, since there is interest in purchasing the punches separately. These are a time saver and they save so much money by being able to get the cards looking GREAT right away.

When you drill, you aren't always sure if you are going to get a straight cut, this way there is no stress, no fuss, just quick and easy earring cards. I would also like to let you and your readers know that the punch that is being sold at Michaels is not from the inventor of Easy Earring Cards Punch Kit. I just wanted to clarify to the people in the jewelry industry that buying this product from Michaels is only hurting hard working creators, like your readers. I am just frustrated that Michaels is benefiting from everyone thinking this product is sold through them. I print my cards with the tiniest of dots to show where to punch the holes, and then I use a hole punch that is really tiny from the scrapbook store to punch them.

I really wanted to buy these last year at Bead & Button but I just couldn't jump at that price. There are hole punches, but you can only punch one hole at a time, and the distance between holes would not be uniform. I, too, wished they'd sell me just the one punch, as I think I'd only want the simpler one.Their pre-printed cards were beautiful!Thanks for the review Michelle!

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