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Usually they have many earrings, bracelets, necklaces, broaches, belts, purses, scarves, hats. All these items need some special places where they should keep them.View in galleryHere it is an idea for where you can put your earrings.

You fold it over twice so that you get three strands folded together that were just a little longer than the width of the frame (this was to make the hanging wire a little thicker).Twist the wires loosely so they hold together, but loose enough so you can stick a post earring through there if you want!On the back of the frame you can use a pencil to mark where to hang the wire. If you do not have a staple gun, you could also use small nails or tacks to wrap the wire around and hold in place.You can give the knots a few taps with a hammer to make sure there are not any sharp wire edges sticking out.

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