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Sterling Silver Earring Findings- Bridal Earwire- CZ Stone Earwire- Elongated Diamond Shape- Earrings ( 2 pieces - 1 pair ). Bead Union is a small unit of individuals who believe that top quality can coincide with value.
14K Gold Filled - Composed of a solid layer of real 14K gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass.
Our selection of sizes, shapes, and available finishes are so varied, you'll have more choices than you will need.

We provide jewelers, crafters and artists with components to create elegant, unique and sterling jewelry. We carry high quality jewelry chains, findings, gem stones and tools from world leading manufactures. Our goal is to always supply our customers with the best product, customized to their needs and build connections with those individuals.
Our bulk unfinished chains, necklaces and findings are made of high end solid .925 sterling silver or gold vermeil materials.

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