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Now that we are homeowners and frequent Home Depot more than Michael's, i perused their perforated metal sheets and found the perfect one to hang all my long, dangly earrings from! My sheet of metal was 12"x24", and they do make picture frames that size, but I found this frame at the thrift store and thought it would be perfect for this project. Now I just need to come up with one for all my studs, since I didn't want to be hooking and un-hooking earrings to the frame all the time. About MeI am a wife, mom of five, and the founder and CEO of Hearts at Home, an organization that encourages, educates and equips moms of all ages and stages of motherhood.
SpeakingJill speaks on the topics of motherhood, marriage, adoption, parenting, living with less, and women’s issues in both church and business environments. Jill will work with your theme, your audience, and your needs to provide inspiration and practical takeaways for every person in the audience. I don’t know about you, but I have TONS of jewellery kinda floating around in my life. I started using these vintage teacups a while ago to keep my jewellery in, but I found that I was putting the earrings in the cups, and then I would have to dig around to find a pair. Maybe you could give this a go for your own earrings – pretty vintage teacups are pretty easy to come across at the op shop, though this one is part of the collection I inherited from my Granny. Join the people subscribed to the Epheriell Silver Service and get 10% off your next Epheriell order!
Hi, I'm Jess - self-employed crafty lady, jewellery designer, writer, teacher, speaker, big dreamer, kindle addict and lover of life. Want to learn how to turn your handmade hobby into a full-time business… from those who’ve actually done it?
You can find more homemade gifts and submit your ideas on the 100 Days of Homemade Christmas Gifts post. 3 years ago I wouldn't wear them because I keep my hair pretty short and thought my fat ears made earrings look funny!
I mentioned that I have a hanging organizer that has lots of tiny clear pockets, and it still is a great solution, but I came across a photo on pinterest awhile ago that intrigued me.

I removed all the glass, cardboard and pictures and nailed (with some tiny tiny nails) the sheet of metal to the back of the frame. Well, my husband went on a business trip and found a necklace he really liked for me, but the guy wouldn't sell it to him without the earrings so he thought he'd give it a try.
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So, I may or may not have grabbed like 5-10 pairs every time I came across one of those stands! You may need to have a little cup with all of the backings, but it would save you from having to hook and un-hook the earrings.
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