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Ear lobe repairs are an outpatient procedure, and, provided they are performed by experienced surgeons, an excellent cosmetic result can be achieved.
You can return to work or any other non-strenuous activity immediately after the procedure. The two common types of earlobe reduction are a curved crescent excision of skin and fat involving the lower unwanted part of the earlobe, or a triangular wedge excision.
The edges of the split earlobe are freshioned and a meticulous layered wound closure is performed to re-establish a continuous earlobe. It is common for the hole of a pierced or gauged ear to either enlarge forming a slit, or to tear through completely as a result of dangling earrings getting caught on clothing.
As part of ageing process our earlobes lose volume becoming smaller and occasionally unsightly creasing is formed.
SFMedica has put together some of the most skilled UK surgeons and doctors with a vast experience in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments for both men and women. This website has been designed with the intention to provide information about the surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments performed by our SFMedica doctors. You need Flash to watch this video.Sorry, your browser doesn't support Flash, needs a Flash update, or has Flash disabled.
Whether heavy earrings have damaged your ear lobes or they just don't look as good as they did when you were younger, one Texas doctor says there's a fix that takes less than 20 minutes."I'm really tired of my earlobe being torn, and I really want to wear some beautiful earrings," said Jennifer Rondeno. The ear reaches approximately 80% of its final size at ages 6-7, and therefore ear repair can be performed from this age and older without deleterious effects on normal ear growth.
The ear achieves its final shape after several months, once the swelling and local edema has passed. Surgery for earlobe repair is indicated in situations where earrings have left a large hole in the center of the lobe, especially when worn for many years, but also after any trauma to the earlobe. Piercing holes that have stretched over time are primarily caused by the earring’s weight succumbing to the force of gravity. Surgery for earlobe repair can be performed when the piercing hole has exceeded a few millimeters in length. Surgery for earlobe repair is performed via a simple technique that is based on excision of the skin lining the piercing hole, and subsequent closure of the gap both in front and behind. Sometimes during surgery, when it is suspected that the earlobe will take on an elongated shape, a special closure technique in the shape of a “Z” is done in order to preserve the normal dimensions of the earlobe and not distort them. It is recommended that the ear be re-pierced no earlier than 6 months after surgery in order to avoid recurrence of the condition. Further information regarding this surgery will be made available from the physician during the pre-surgical consultation. Certain men and women suffer from exceptionally large earlobes, at times significantly disproportionate to the size of their ears or face.

Additional information regarding this surgery will be made available during the pre-surgical consultation. It is also suggested that the earrings be removed a few days prior to the intended repair to allow small abrasions to heal. However in all cases the surgery can be conducted under local anaesthetic avoiding thus hospitalisation and any potential risk associated with general anaesthesia. If that is your main concern then we would recommend the use of dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm Ultra to volumize the lobe and eliminate creasing.
Our medical team consists of Dr Sotirios Foutsizoglou (Cosmetic Surgeon, Founder), Mr Timothy Leontsinis (Consultant ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon) and Ms Effie Katsarma (Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon). Although special caution has been exercised to eliminate any potential mistakes it should be noted that the information provided reflects our medical practice experience and we accept no responsibility if it is used for purposes not associated with SFMedica.
Rondeno's right ear piercing is now a long, sagging hole, and her left ear lobe split completely. Protruding ears can cause great distress and embarrassment, and effect overall self esteem. It is recommended that surgery be considered once the patient notices the defect in him or herself.
The initial healing period is can be accompanied by local tenderness, swelling and edema, and transient skin bruising that disappears within a few weeks. Through this excision there direct access to the cartilaginous skeleton of the ear, and as such it is possible to resourcefully manipulate the cartilage to achieve fine results.
Washing the head in the shower is recommended after three days from surgery for the first time. The goal of surgery is to find the best reconstructive solution for remedying the unaesthetic appearance of the deformity.
It must be noted that the earlobe will attain its final shape only after several months, due to the natural healing and scarring processes.
Wearing heavy earrings for extended amount of time (years) can lead to enlarged earlobes over one’s lifetime. The shortened earlobes are closed with sutures that are removed in the clinic one week to ten days afterwards. Vasquez distinguished reputation in the field of cosmetic surgery came about through intensive training, years of experience, and the highest personal and professional standards. It must be noted that some asymmetry always exists between the ears, even when the ears are completely normal.
At the end of surgery the initial incision is closed, usually with absorbable sutures that obviates the need for their removal.
In some rare cases, recurrence of protrusion occurs, in which case the need for an additional surgery is indicated.

During this surgery, the deficient earlobe tissue will be reconstructed and made complete, and the skin lining the piercing hole will be removed. An unsightly earlobe hole can also be caused by accidentally pulling an earring with too much force and subsequently causing a tear. Recovery from the procedure is exceptionally fast – the following day the patient is capable of returning to normal daily activity.
It is possible to treat elongated and enlarged earlobes with a simple surgical procedure in the clinic, necessitating only local anesthesia.
The initial recovery period may be accompanied by increased tenderness, swelling and edema, and transient bruising of the skin that fades away within a few weeks. In this surgery, asymmetry can be improved, but complete symmetry is hard to achieve, even at the hands of the most proficient surgeon.
The expectations of surgery by the patient will be matched with the anticipated surgical outcome. In this surgery, shortening of the earlobe is carried out in a manner that restores a normal and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the ears in particular, and to the face in general.
The final profile of the ear takes shape several months after surgery, when all swelling has passed and final scar tissue has formed. During the surgery, excess cartilage is removed if indicated, and the remaining cartilaginous framework is redesigned to resemble a complete and normal ear. During the first follow up visit in the clinic, the bandages are removed, after which the treated area is wrapped with a protective sweatband for two weeks. Would you like to book a free consultation?Call 0121-454 3680 Book Now I had my earlobes repaired after they split. I didn't feel a thing," Rondeno said.In six to eight weeks, the ears will be ready for earrings again and can be re-pierced. When the ears are re-pierced, women have to wear gold or gold plated studs for an additional three weeks. Jonathan was friendly,efficient and I felt confident when I left and I was wearing earnings again a week later.Would definitely recommend. The cost of the procedure usually starts around $400.Beth Zerret, 74 is a patient with a slightly different problem. She says her earlobes haven't aged as gracefully as the rest of her body and have lost a lot of collagen."These earlobes become elongated and thin, and frequently we have to reduce the size of those earlobes and make them a little smaller, and they look more youthful that way," Funk said.

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