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I had gotten this gorgeous pair of earrings through Freecycle Ottawa and even though I loved them, they were a bit too large for me to actually wear on my ears. After cleaning both of the earrings in rubbing alcohol, the first step was to remove the earring backs from the actual pendants.
Since the pendants are a little bold, I wanted to to put them on chains that were very simple and more understated. In order to attach the earrings to the necklace chains, I super glued a small metal ring to the back of each.

To make the back look a little bit nicer and cover up the glue, I cut out a small piece of felt to attach to each of the earrings. I had saved these metal rings from other DIYs that involved dismantled jewellery, but I know you can get them Michaels or most craft stores.
One for me and one for a friend (especially since I am doing a “Pay It Forward” project for 2014 that requires me to make and send something to 5 friends). The second one was a bit more challenging but ended up coming off in the end as well with a little help from a needle nose screwdriver.

What is great about this is that I can save the earring backs to use in another project at a later date!

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