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Libby MacCarthy is an urban planner turned writer with a love (bordering on unhealthy obsession) of all things fashion and beauty related. Eye-catching embellishments will elevate the laid-back pair, making them a solid start to an on-point ensemble. Put them front and center with a bright sweater and menswear-inspired kicks, then add on a few personality-packed accessories, like a statement cuff and pom-accented box bag. For a killer off-the-clock look, style them with a knit turtleneck, badass steppers and a soft shearling backpack.
Take them along on all your weekend adventures, from art gallery explorations to sipping cappuccinos at your go-to cafe. Stick with statement kicks for a look that feels purposeful and fashion-forward (oh hey, athleisure), rather than frumpy. Super comfy and totally unexpected, they’ll keep you feeling dance-floor ready and earn you some major style points too.

She lives for perfectly brewed coffee, farmer's markets, dinner parties and perusing impeccably designed boutiques. But despite the endless deliberation, they prove themselves time and time again, providing an added layer of warmth or making the likes of tunics and mini dresses out-of-the-house appropriate. Instead of the classic oversized top and trainer combo, throw on a pair of platform creepers and a next-level sweatshirt. Take the unexpected route with a plaid denim shirt or similarly suitable button-down (the bohemian-meets-disco-diva thing totally works), then look to eclectic add-ons to pull it all together.
To take things up a notch, layer them under a sequin-studded mini dress, then throw in a fluffy red topper for good measure. Fuse urban-boho with woodland-chic by pairing them with a bright striped top, fringe-flecked vest and lace-up platform boots.
A long-line jacquard sweat and marbled chunky chain bracelet take the sporty aesthetic one step further, while a snakeskin sac adds a subtle exotic edge to the outfit.

Rock ’em with a boxy, feathery top, vibrant steppers and a few look-at-me add-ons for an unexpected after-hours ensemble. When she's not on the hunt for the latest trends, you'll likely find her plotting her next adventure or nose deep in a book.
A vibrant chunky knit scarf injects energy and life into the getup, with ultra sleek baubles and a structured crossbody providing a polished finish. When you’ve exhausted denim on casual Friday, just whip out these side-zipped stunners. Pair them with a plaid button-down that offers both polished and laid-back vibes and elevated accessories like a feather waist belt and pumps.

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