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Over the course of my career as a designer and jewelry industry professional working directly with clients I realized how difficult it is for people to buy designer jewelry online. All this creates a downward spiral and results in consumers feeling frustrated with the generic selection of low quality jewelry flooding the internet and the overwhelming, inconvenient experience when one tries to buy designer jewelry online.
We help our designers gain exposure to customers they wouldn’t otherwise have access to by recommending products that are suited to the tastes of each individual and reduce the burden of inventory through our drop ship program. Swoonery is my labor of love and I hope it opens up a beautiful world of unique, expertly crafted, fine jewelry for our customers and provides a support for all the visionary designers and brands out there to showcase the integrity of their work. In recent years, due to the prevalence of e-commerce and digital media, the jewelry industry has realized that branding is crucial to a company’s survival. In addition to the physical and mental strain designers are facing, the pressure from multi-category fashion retailers to create collections on the fashion schedule are placing a huge financial burden on jewelry designers as well.
This blog has always been about baubles, bling, and banter and I grappled with whether or not I should expand its scope to include my life as a startup founder and female entrepreneur. I intend to write as accurately as I can and as often as I can about the things I have to learn in order to build a tech startup and take it to launch and beyond, post links to resources that I have found helpful, hash out my decision-making processes, and be as honest as possible about the emotions and the ups and downs that I encounter along the way. Tagged with entrepreneur blog, female entrepreneur, female entrepreneur blog, female tech startup, jean poh, jean z. Irradiation is a process whereby radiation is used to alter a diamond or gem’s crystal lattice thereby creating color centers and changing the color of the gem.
Once a stone’s crystal lattice has been altered, the atoms are unstable and emit radiation. So who is checking to make sure these irradiated diamonds and gems are within acceptable levels?
Naturally, I am not a nuclear physicist so my opinion should not be taken as scientific fact.
Tagged with are irradiated diamonds safe, blue diamond, blue diamond jewelry, color treated diamonds, color treated gems, irradiated diamonds, irradiated gems, irradiation, Mrs. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. People walk into a jewelry store and the styles are outdated, the selection is limited and stores rarely have a full range of sizes because the cost of maintaining so much inventory is insanely high. Over 60% of fine jewelry purchases are gifts but because jewelry is such a personal expression, it’s really hard to choose jewelry for someone else.

The current system is inefficient, competitive and places all the financial risk on the designers. In addition, the pressures from the industry forces designers to sell out by using cheaper materials and manufacturing processes in order to survive.
It is the first luxury marketplace for designer fine jewelry that gets to know each individual and guides him or her through a shopping experience that adjusts for every interaction.
Swoonery offers all our designers’ rings in a comprehensive range of sizes and you even have the option of placing a special order if you need a special fit. Go and experience a new way to buy designer jewelry online; feel understood, and please let me know how your experience was in the comments section below. This is streamlined approach is a reaction to the unsustainable fashion week schedule that has resulted in the burnout of brilliant creative minds such as Raf Simmons, John Galliano and Alber Elbaz. In this new and exciting digital world we live in no one will find you without a brand presence. They then have to offload the inventory somewhere either by discounting or selling to a secondary market like Gilt or outlet malls. Taking cue from Burberry’s brave decision to do the sensical thing is a step in the right direction.
There is no feeling like hearing from our brands that they finally feel that a retailer is on their side and building with them rather than at their expense. Starting up a tech company for the first time is scary enough as it is and I have so very much to learn along the way.
There have been countless articles on the rise of the female entrepreneur, debate over what Silicon Valley thinks of women (scroll down in the comments section of the Newsweek article to read my response–I was miffed), a growing movement around teaching women how to become entrepreneurs and how to invest, creation of resources for women founders to find funding, etc. Most retailers operate on a consignment model which means the designers have to pay for all their materials up front and commit it to the retailer and they only get paid once the pieces sell. I believe that other fashion houses will quickly follow suit because this non-seasonal approach both reflects current consumer behavior and relieves quite a bit of financial strain and waste in the industry. I am cautiously optimistic that this sudden wash of sanity over the fashion industry will have a positive affect on jewelry designers and the jewelry industry as well. As the jewelry industry is moving away from the unbranded mom and pop model to one where brands rule, jewelry designers now have to show during fashion weeks in addition to the traditional jewelry show circuit and their own trunk shows for their private clients twice a year. Is it any wonder that more and more jewelry companies are finding this landscape unmanageable and struggling to survive?
Fine jewelry is much more capital-intensive than fashion and it is absolutely absurd to expect jewelry designers to come up with two or three collections a year.
Once a brand’s discounted jewelry floods the market its brand equity will suffer and it is unlikely that the brand will ever be able to regain the luxury cache it once had.

Designers should review their business models and retail relationships and ask whether those arrangements make sense for their business after reviewing the long-term financial costs of working with certain retailers. Not only do I have to come up with a solid concept for a business, I also have to build a team that has the necessary skill set to help me develop the product and build the business, figure out how to fund my startup, create a company culture that will allow my team to feel supported in order to actualize on their potential, manage my investors, put out fires (and boy will there will be fires…), live a well-rounded balanced life, and stay sane in the process.
Did you know that 95% of engagements are delayed because he doesn’t know your ring size? It puts a huge financial strain on designers and when the pieces don’t sell because of their higher price points it is the designers who suffer. In order to maintain margins and survive they have no choice but to start cutting costs, using lower quality materials and manufacturing and before long brand is a shell of its former self with little integrity or pride in its product remaining. Seek out partners who are willing to have aligned interests, have shared values and are structured in ways that will support growth and build brand equity. I loved working with clients to design bespoke jewelry that reflected each of their individual aesthetics and continued to try to grow my atelier but I kept seeing the same points of friction frustrating my clients in the jewelry buying process and the same inefficiencies were holding back my company from growing. This is me, your ever-quirky and often ridiculous Bling Fairy going about my business and blogging about it so that others can witness the process. Add to that the financial burdens of marketing and advertising which designers have no choice but to take on in order to get their name out there and it is no wonder designers are struggling to survive. Fashion retailers bear none of the financial risk because they take all the jewelry on consignment need only return the jewelry to the designers to wash their hand of the inventory. There will be times when I am wrong and there will be times that I’m killing it, but it is my hope that by writing about my experiences as I encounter them and doing it publicly not only will I learn from the process as I look back on it but someone else out there will find value in it too. The truth is that smaller designers with unique products and attention to craftsmanship will never be able to compete with the budgets of the larger brands and retailers and as a result they cannot break through the noise and don’t end up connecting with the right consumers.
I decided to take everything I learned about technology, venture capital, investing in startups, and the vertical fine jewelry pipeline and build a startup that would solve both the problems that clients face when they are trying to buy jewelry and the inefficiencies that designers and brands are burdened with when trying to build and scale their jewelry businesses–I would build my own jewelry technology startup. So this begs the question: Why the hell would I blog about my process of building a startup and risk failing publicly for all the world to see?

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