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As health and safety should be top priority, we will go over what should be done for taking care of your new lip piercing. Now that you know how to take care of your piercing, let’s talk about the different types of lip piercings. This upper lip piercing is nearly identical to the Monroe piercing except for the fact that it is on the right side. This upper lip piercing comes out above and center of the upper lip.  A labret is usually used for this piercing. This upper lip piercing is identical to the snake bites piercing except taking place near the upper lip. This lower lip piercing is kind of like the snake bites piercing but the two piercing spots are almost center and as such pretty close to each other. This lower lip piercing is similar to the Dolphin Bites except being center they are located either right or left of center. This piercing is most commonly referred to as a labret piercing even though other piercings use the labret body jewelry.  That being said, this piercing usually uses a labret body jewelry piece.

However, instead of the one end coming out inside the mouth, this piercing has it coming out center of the actual lip. However, the vertical labret piercing as the lower portion coming out the front like a normal labret piercing while this one has that part coming out in the mouth so all that is visible is the part that comes out center on the lip. The one end appears as a medusa piercing while the other comes out center on the upper lip. So, there are two piercings near each other on the left lower lip and then on the right on the lower lip. There is two piercings on the lower lip on the left and right side and then two piercings on the upper lip in the same position as the lower lip.
Now, there are alternate names for some of these piercings but they tend to be rarely used. However, most of these variations lead into the mouth and as such require special attention during the healing phases. The most common method of cleaning is to use a hot saline soak.  This is done at 3-5 minutes at a time.

But, there are other things to look out for and if they start to appear, you should remove the piercing immediately. After one of these soaks, a shower should be taken mainly so that you clean the area more thoroughly with your clean hands to make sure the discharge is removed.
Our teeth have a protective coating on them to help protect them from decay among other things. Lip piercings can sometimes rub against your teeth and start to remove this protective layer. Speaking of h2ocean, they make a aftercare spray that can be used in place of the saline solution to help clean and promote healing of the piercing.
Lip piercings can take 1-3 months to fully heal so taking the necessary steps of cleaning your piercing is essential during the entire period so it does not become infected.

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