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First of all, if you are choosing two loose diamonds for the earrings, make sure that they match and will work well together. No matter which style or size you choose, a pair of diamond studs is the classic yet trendy way to complete any outfit. We cordially invite our Houston area clients to visit our beautiful boutique style showroom for a very special experience. We are a group of avid papercrafters who report on and review everything from adhesives to trimmers to big ticket personal cutting systems. Our Spring Cleaning effort is a great opportunity to purchase exceptional jewelry at lower prices.
Simple diamond stud earrings are reclaiming their place as the most essential pair of earrings in a woman’s arsenal, perhaps because of the increasingly trendy giant necklaces and embellished dresses.
The simple reason for this is that you don’t look at earrings as closely as you look at an engagement ring. For diamond studs, you will want to choose a color range of H-J and a clarity grade of I1 or I2. Although a round cut is most traditional, princess-cut diamond studs are gaining in popularity as well.
Inspired by the strongest and sweetest feelings of all, warm walnut pieces have been laser-cut into cute designs and painted with delicacy to produce exclusive and natural jewellery.
Diamond stud earrings are the perfect way to complete an outfit without pushing it over the top, although Kim Kardashian’s giant stud earrings were anything but subtle!

There are plenty of eye-catching, high-quality diamond studs out there that you won’t have to have your own reality TV show to be able to afford. That means that there may be some flaws visible upon very close inspection, but nothing that will detract from their beauty when you wear them in your ears. Many setting choices are available, from classic four-prong Tiffany style settings to bezel settings in white or yellow gold.
In fact, a ring-quality diamond’s beautiful assets would go to waste used in earrings, so its important to know which qualities really matter in diamond studs. Buying diamonds for studs that have very high clarity and color ratings will not significantly change the way they look when worn, so it is better to focus on carat weight (to make sure they stand out), shape and setting. Earrings made from handpainted, laser-cut walnut wood, with gold-plated brass studs (nickel free and anti-allergic). Cut grade is also not a major concern; as long as there are no serious flaws, the earrings will look fantastic. Each button has a pop dot behind it making it easy to transfer right to your page, card, or project. Cost effectiveness: Here I will have to say I wish a scrapper could get a few more for the money. Not bad, but I can honestly say that I don't care for every single flair on any given sheet.
Flair is themed and they coordinate with American Crafts papers and other embellishments so that is a bonus!What I liked: I just think they are so darn cute!

Crafted from gold-plated brass, the diamante-encrusted triangle studs will sparkle from your ears while making a statement.
I love that they look like buttons and have cute graphics on them and coordinate with other themed American Crafts products. In most packs there are always one of two that I don't think I would ever use and for the price I hesitate to buy certain packs because of this. Handcrafted in Italy from 23kt gold-plated brass, the gold-tone earcuff is complete with Maria Francesca Pepe signature engraved hallmark branding. I took this idea a bit further and created a cute necklace using a jewlery piece I found at Hobby Lobby. There are some many adorable pieces of Flair you could mix and match them to your mood or outfit!Now that we have the hair and jewelry covered I remember growing up how cool my jean jacket was with all my buttons attached to it. This technique could be applied to hats, bags, shirts, magnets, and push pins for a bulletin board.
After seeing the new baby "Flair" I think it would make a great gift to adhere one to the front of a onesie!!

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