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This Beaded Peyote Penguin Earring is created using transparent white, gold and black color glass seed beads, adopting the peyote stitch beading technique.
This Beaded Peyote Marble Earring was made with a combination of gray black Japanese seed beads wrapped around a cut glass marble piece using the circular peyote technique. Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.
If you attached plastic curved backings onto your earring cards or use plastic black cards for your earrings,then you can utilize this very cheap display. You can also attach buttons, pins, magnets, rings, bracelets, and anything else to a hook and hang it from these as well.
To save you time when setting up at a show, load up the CD rack with jewelry beforehand and place it in a small garbage bag. Any scuffs or imperfections on these racks could be concealed by touching up with Sharpie markers in the appropriate color, or a fresh coat of spray paint on the whole rack. I have just finished two shows, using the racks, one with cards and one at which I just hung the pairs of earrings themselves.
Either way, I’ve had a time keeping the earrings on the stands, what with people handling them. I read about your cd rack earring display and I remember thinking that it was a great idea, but when would I ever run across a cd rack at the Thrift Store.
Just wanted to let you know that using that for earrings is a super idea and I bought it for $1.00 Thanks!
Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission. My wonderful husband created this snazzy earring display for me to put my earring cards on. It holds almost 30 pairs of earrings, and the cards sit in a little groove that is cut into the wood. I’ve just posted the additional pic Melanie sent (above), showing a detailed view of her great earring display.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the nice compliments on my husband’s cool display idea. I fold the cards in half so that I can use the inside of the card to write a message or list the price. A couple more questions…where do you purchase the tented cards and do you print them on your own computer?
Tricia I love the idea of using the cardstock it’s a great cost saver but my question is how much space do you allow for your earrings? Hey Kris: As far as the size of the cards, I tailor them to meet each individual pair of earrings. I make my own earring cards, when I designed them, I added 2 dots(periods) and centered them so that I could use my reamer to punch the holes without the stress of making sure they are centered. Getting ready to help my 9 year old to do our first craft show with children’s jewelry.

I love the idea of using the scrapbooking corner punch…it must add just the right touch to your cards. I am just starting out (less than a year) and earring displaying has been one of my biggest display challenges from day one! By the way, in regards to the name stamp: There are a couple of online websites that offer free business cards and other products (and some even offer free shipping on the free items).
I purchased card stock tonight at Michaels but I had a hard time finding anything thick that would seem to hold the weight of the earrings. Hi Patti…in response to your question about how I printed my business name on the cards, I had a rubber stamp made with my Etsy shop address on it.
It dawned on me this morning to search for rubber stamps and I am actually getting some from ETSY as I write this response. These earring cards are very professional looking and attractive, I too will “shamelessly copy” your idea!
Does anyone tell me what size rubber stamp you ordered for the earring card, and maybe the website. This dangling crystal cube earring was made with clear Swarovski crystal cubes, makes a great fashion accessory for any outfit. I was going to a hair salon, which is great place to have your jewelry business cards or small display, and I needed to come up with a quick earring display for just a few pair of earrings. The liner I had matched the cardboard, so I left it alone, but you could put something else behind the liner if you like or you can get the liner on a variety of colors.
If you displayed earrings in this frame, you could cover up the words with something related to your business. It works well for earrings because you can put them in and take them out many times without damaging your display.
I like the focus to be on the jewelry and not so much on the display so this neutral color I had on hand worked perfectly for me. The black frames lend well to putting different color backgrounds on each one if I so desire.
I’m endlessly looking for the right earring display, what a great job you and your husband did together! He is my hero in every way (that’s why I married him-one year ago today!!) It was very sweet of everyone to provide such positive feedback. I decided on the tented cards to address two issues: I needed a simple inexpensive way to display my earrings at craft shows, and I also wanted to add some visual interest when mailing earrings to people who purchase from my Etsy shop.
I especially like the subtle design printed on the front of the card which makes your earrings instantly recognisable as your creations.
Right now I use simple gray purchased hangtags to display my earrings on a spining holder but I would love to use something less commercial looking and more handcrafted like my jewelry. But since I create them very inexpensively myself it’s not such a project to remake the ones that look a little worn. I will continue to practice and find the right options that work for me and appreciate the pics and tips! I checked out your website…I really like your funky girl bracelets with the velvet beads.

I did one similar tent type but I like the way you put one line of your bio, which I did not.
Also, loved the earring cards, folded with your stamp-very professional looking, but personal at the same time.
And for lever back earrings you may want to make 2 holes, one above the other, so that you can slide the lever into the bottom hole & the hook part through the top hole. I especially like your idea for folding the card around the earrings to turn it into its own little package. I am just starting out selling my wears, and since I read all your great suggestions, have changed my hang tag idea for the better.
This is such a great idea, I also us them as props for photo taking for Etsy, with other things seashells ect.
I’m always interested in nice displays that are also quick to pack up and unpack, that has become so important to me. Not only is it functional but also creates visual interest when displaying earrings on a flat surface. I now use my dremel tool with a small drill bit and laid out a thin wooden template (the thin end of a wooden shim, cut to the size of my cards) with pre-drilled holes. I just curious how you keep the earring cards looking good after people have looked and them and knocked them all over and how much space you allow for earring displaying. However, I am not sure what weight of cardstock to order; this is not mentioned as far as I can see. I never seem to have enough room to display all of my earrings at once in an orderly fashion, while at the same time allowing for product,pricing,and biz name info! If your earrings tend to be a bit heavier you may want to consider reinforcing the paper with small squares of cardboard to give them more strength. But I discovered a tri-fold method that works very well and stands up under almost any weight earrings! I then stack as many cards as I want behind the template, and drill through the template for a sizeable inventory of cards in just minutes! Also, does anyone have a recommedation of a good place to purchase cardstock for this purpose? Also, I had dark back ground in many of my cards, thinking that it may be striking for some jewelry but then the print will not show. Some people are so talented with thier hands and thier minds to make such things to help others. I have used my business cards as my earring card and it worked well but I would rather use a card with my shop name at the bottom. Another nice thing about this kind of display is it can be easily folded over the earrings and taped with a sticker to make a little package when sold!

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