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Captive bead rings, also called a ball closure ring or BCR jewelry is one of the most versatile types of body jewelry out there.
To make it easier to understand the types of captive bead rings and their uses, we created a couple graphics to show common uses for captive bead rings. Another option for captive bead rings is captive bead lip ring, captive bead eyebrow ring, and captive bead nose ring. Once you know if you want a captive bead nose ring, lip ring, or eyebrow ring, you will want to find the style and material that works best.
Captive read belly button rings one of the most popular types of captive bead rings you will see. Many of the same training techniques used with dogs may be effective with a pet pot bellied pig.
A pot bellied pig, an exotic household pet for some, is a smaller breed of pig than those raised as farm animals.
Because they are naturally smart, pet pigs can be house-trained and leash-trained, and some can learn tricks. Because of its innate need to root or dig, a pot bellied pig might use its snout to dig in household items or landscaped areas. Because some owners are not properly prepared for the care and needs of a pot bellied pig, many rescues and sanctuaries exist for abandoned pigs.

If I were to let a pot belly out on the farm, will he eat shrubs, grass tree saplings etc?? ALL ORDERS ARE PROCESSED IN STRICT ROTATION AND ARE NORMALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 2 - 3 DAYS OF PAYMENT RECEIPT. Home > Jewellery > Body Jewellery > Titanium Nose Rings,earrings,BCR'S > 10mm Titanium Nose ring,BCR, Earring with Titanium Ball.
If you want to buy diamond nose stud, here you'll find some information about this stylish piece of piercing jewelry. Use captive bead rings for the lobe, conch, daith, forward helix, orbital, anti-tragus, tragus, snug, helix, and rook to name a few. Some options for a ball closure ring are titanium, black, acrylic, gold, or surgical steel.
Averaging about 125 pounds (56.7 kg), when fully grown the animal is intelligent, trainable, odor-free, curious and loving. Pigs can tend to be aggressive and territorial unless the owners make it clear that the pig is not dominant. Just think about it—you can have a standard captive bead earring, a captive bead nose ring, or a captive bead lip ring.
One of the most challenging parts we get questions about for  captive bead rings and captive bead belly rings is how to get them out, insert them, and remove them.

As highly social creatures, they need affection and interaction, and having more than one pig is advantageous. Raising the animal requires patience and some correction which should be in the form of redirection rather than physical punishment.
In addition, a pig may be pushy in its search for food and might learn to find food, even in closed areas such as a pantry or refrigerator. They can be entertaining and are normally clean and non-allergenic; however, this is a multifaceted breed and pigs can also be stubborn, become easily bored, and even be potentially destructive.
Moreover, the intelligence of the pig combined with their strength and size can make them very difficult to contain. If you’re looking for captive bead rings, be sure to find out if you need 8 gauge, 16 gauge, 18 gauge, 20 gauge captive bead rings. They are like children learning and it can get a bit nerve wracking, but the love and enjoyment you get in return is priceless.

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