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If you are one of those persons who get piercings done spontaneously then it is recommended that you ensure the piercer uses a strong solution of sea salt to clean the ear- the salt will dry the fungus cells out. As mentioned before, the snug is one of the most sensitive part of the ear and is made of thick cartilage. You need to ensure that the person doing the piercing has more than just adequate experience.
Ensure that a 16 or 18 gauge hollow needle is used to do the piercing and a ring that same size is placed. The smaller in both gauge and overall size of the ring, the better- you do not want something too big which will become a serious bother and lead to unnecessary irritation. The cost of a snug piercing is always dependent on the type of ring you choose as well as where you get the piercing done.
A little discomfort is to be expected when you go to get a snug piercing, but all those who have done one will tell you it is worth it.
Soak a piece of cotton in a sea salt solution and place the cotton (heavy with liquid) on the piercing. DO NOT use ointments on the piercing as your piercing needs room to breathe to heal better and ointments will prevent this. We generally recommend these two products that will have you covered in 99.99% of the cases if you follow the instructions properly. This Piercing Aftercare Spray is enriched with over 60 trace elements and minerals from the richest coral reefs of the ocean along with natural antibacterial enzymes which kill bacteria & help protect healthy living cells. H2Ocean increases circulation to the body or mouth piercing and accelerates the healing process. A Faux Snug is a helix piercing and a conch piercing placed in such a way that they look just like a snug piercing. The one potential downside to the a faux snug is that it’s two piercings and two pieces of jewelry, so the cost of the piercings is a bit more than a standard snug piercing.
Piercing Models is a site for all your piercings and tattoo queries, inspiration, artistic ideas, designs and professional information.
So you just pierced a new hole in your ear, but you’re not sure what size jewelry you should be looking for. If your piercing was done with a needle in a piercing shop, they may have informed you of the size right there, but maybe you just forgot what your piercer told you. For tragus, anti-tragus, helix, rook, conch and most cartilage piercings (any part of the ear other than your lobe) a piercer will use an 18 gauge (as seen above) or 16 gauge needle.
A lot of us with nose piercings will jump around a bit, try a few different styles, and ultimately pick one or two go-to nose rings that fit well without very much difficulty.  But what happens when you find a bunch of nose rings you like, and most of them just plain don’t fit? Q: I want to wear a nose hoop but my piercing is a little higher on my nostril.  How can I get a hoop that will fit without looking oversized?

So now that we’ve demystified the enigmatic ladies intimate piercing, buying naughty holiday gifts has taken on a whole new appeal, right? Now all you need to do is choose the style of hoop you like best, and you’re all set.
Diameter applies primarily to shields and circular barbells, like BCRs, segment rings, or horseshoe barbells.  The diameter of these items will always be measured from inside edge to inside edge at the widest part of the circle. For persons who have sensitive skin or allergies, buying new pieces can sometimes be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to.
For more about jewelry and sizing, check out our Jewelry Sizing Category, and always buy smart. For more about jewelry and sizing, check out our Jewelry Sizing Category, and as always, buy smart.
Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. There is very little that can be done about that, except ensuring to give your ear a proper cleaning at least twice per day.
Yeast can live dormant on the surface of the outer ear for quite some time until triggered. This means it is not only difficult to pierce but will be more painful that the other parts of the ear with thinner cartilage.
The area is relatively small and so a minor error could result in the piercing being placed at an awkward angle. The 16 and 18 gauge rings are some of the smallest rings on the market and are perfect for this type of piercing. It is a pretty standard type of piercing and so a cost somewhere in the region of $50.00 is expected. They typically take between 4 – 6 months, sometimes longer, to heal even when well cared for. Piercing’s Aftercare swabs are developed exclusively for the care and cleaning of piercings and help prevent infection. Natural Healing & Cleansing Solution H2Ocean safely removes dried discharge and lymph secretion when used every 2-3 hours.
While healing two cartilage piercings at the same time isn’t always easy, it tends to be significantly easier than trying to heal a snug piercing.
Whether it is your first time getting a piercing or if you are are professional in the industry, this website will help you select the best piercing or tattoo for you and provide you with the information you need to take good care of your piercings and tattoos.
You will want to look at standard size earring studs (like those shown above) rather than ones made specifically for cartilage piercings. The piercing goes somewhere along the ridge created by the antihelix and the antihelical fold, therefore sometimes also called an antihelix piercing. The snug is a very sensitive part of the ear with extremely thick cartilage, making it one of the hardest parts of the ear to pierce.

If you have a piercing done with a yeast ear infection, your puncture site will end up becoming severely infected, and the fungus which causes the yeast infection is a very aggressive one. If they cannot use sea salt then ensure they clean the area 2-3 times with an alcohol solution. This could also result in the piercing being a lot more painful than it needs to be as well as more swelling and cartilage damage leading to a longer healing time. If you must pay a little more for someone with far better experiences and a more hygienic environment, then it is recommended that you do so. Place a towel on the shoulder below your ear top prevent the run-off from the soak from wetting your clothes.
You should also change your bed linen regularly or use an old t-shirt around your pillow which you can use for 4 nights (4 different surfaces).
These swabs are conveniently packaged using advanced technology for easy, sanitary application. With the faux snug piercing, healing time is typically around only 2-4 months and the healing period tends to be much more comfortable than a standard snug. Whatever the reason, if you’re curious as to what size a particular hole in your ear is, let me break it down a little simpler for ya.
Industrial piercings are typically pierced at 14 gauge. Most of the cartilage and BCR (captive ring) styles we carry come in both 18 and 16 gauge sizes.
However,  there is no question that one of the most unique, striking and interesting ear piercings is the Snug Piercing. For this reason also, it is imperative that you clean your ear diligently for the 5-6 days prior to getting your piercing.
Place a piece of dry cotton in the entrance of your ear canal to prevent the sea salt solution from draining into your ear.
This completes the pack in 4 weeks and after this point, good routine hygiene with liquid soap (anti-bacterial if preferred) and water should continue the healing process.
It is absolutely vital when taking care of a piercing to make sure that bacteria isn’t introduced to the affected area, and the only way to do this is by using a sterile formula like this one.
The smaller the gauge the bigger the hole, so any standard size earring can be worn in addition to 20 or 18 gauge captive rings, cartilage studs, etc. In the case of an oral piercing we also recommend getting the aftercare mouthwash to protect your new piercing.

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