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A few days a month I open the forum up to paid registration, when you purchase a membership ($10.00), you will receive instant access, with a membership for yourself, as well as a free invite for a friend.
Money collected from the memberships and invites goes directly back into the site for features, development, and content. This is a type of piercing where the cartilage or the upper ear is punctured so that an earring can be placed.
This is a type of perforation done at the eara€™s cartilage so that a jewelry can be inserted. There are actually two types of conch earring namely the inner conch piercing and the outer conch piercing. We require that all piercees be alcohol free, and request that they have eaten a meal within 4 hours prior to a piercing. In order to pierce a minor (under 18), we will need their ID, showing photo, name and birthdate (see above list), as well as that of the adult signing for them.

We need the ID every time you need any procedure performed, even if you have shown it on a prior occasion. It is actually considered as one of the most painful ear piercings since the needle would pass in different cartilage tissues of the ear. If you do not have an invite, you can get one from someone you know who is a member of the site. More often than not, a snug piercing is shallow compared to the other types or ear piercing locations. In the event of different last names, addresses, etc., we will need paperwork proving legal custody. When doing the inner conch piercing it is important that you use a big gauge piercing needle and put a barbell ear accessory as well.
This can include court papers, change of name forms, birth certificates, insurance cards with both names, or school transcripts or medical bills including the minor's name but addressed to the guardian.

The sale of invites and memberships is the only method in which this site gains needed revenue for it's survival. More often than not, people use ear jewelries with small gauges so it can be easily inserted just like the captive bead ring. On the other hand, the outer conch piercing can be found at the outer cartilage of the ear.
As long as the perforation is at the flat part of the cartilage, it is still considered as an outer conch pierce.
However, if it is already done at the curled portion of the ear, it is already called as the helix piercing.

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