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Side note: This is also one of the ways you can tell a pair of earrings is Bakelite, by the hardware. I prefer the larger plastic backs, they help keep your earlobes from getting sore & help support the weight of the Bakelite.
Getting started: Use a bowl (or something similar) that is the size you need for your design.
With your bowl (or other round object) place it on a piece of wax paper & draw around it to make a template to cut out the fleece with. Next carefully with the hot glue gun, glue an inch or so at a time down around the entire out side edge of the fleece circle. Once your fleece circle is hot glued down all the way around, glue down the faux fur trim around the outside of it.

After you get a few inches of the inner edge of the fur trim hot glued down, you will notice it start to curl up. A few months back Emily contacted me via Instagram, then email asking if I would like to be a contributor for her and her sister Lucy’s fashion blog OHEMV. I really enjoyed working with her! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer for any occasion.
Best part: no more carrying a big messy tube of Simichrome that fits awkwardly in your purse!
I like to start at the center of the bottom hot gluing the inner edge down about 1 in to 1.5 in at a time. Continue like this till the entire inner & outer edge of the faux fur is hot glued down.

If you put all the glue down at once over the area you want covered in sequins at once you will find the glue has dried out just enough that sequins do not want to stick.
It is going to be a pretty big project, I want to make sure I cover as much info as possible, with lots of photos from my own personal collection.
This drawing is intending just as a guide.Take your costume jewellery and choose a chain link, a jump ring, or something similar, or you could use a new purchased jump ring.

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