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If you’ve been reading my posts about a metals class I took, you should know what this last one is about. The first step in creating this ring was to create a circle template which I did on Adobe Illustrator. Now that I had all of the pieces soldered together, it was time to smooth out the edges into a dome shape. After showing it to my professor, he told me that I could work on the dome part a little more, because it was still a bit uneven.
If you read part 1 of this series of posts, you know that I took a metal and jewelry class last semester at JMU. Om zijn eigen stijl en levensfilosofie helemaal tot zijn recht te laten komen, richtte de oprichter van Guess, Paul Marciano in 1997 GC op. Bijenkorf OutletKorting bij de Bijenkorf op diverse dameshorloges en herenhorloges van o.a. I spent several hours soldering the ten circles together and when I was on the last one, there was a gap in the solder that I tried over and over again to fill, but without success.
After spending roughly a month creating flatware, my professor introduced the piercing project. This meant coming up with a list of 100 piercing ideas, and then taking 20 of those ideas and sketching them. First, I got some pieces of copper wire to practice making the curves and having all the pieces fit together so that I’d be able to solder them.
I wasn’t even sure how to begin, so I just got a long piece of fairly thick wire, sanded down the ends into points, and started twisting and curling. Our final project was left pretty open–we just had to make one ring that was fairly detailed or a set of simpler rings.
My professor helped me by holding one blowtorch while I held another and we held the flames to the metal until all of a sudden the gap was filled and everything else stayed in place.
The first thing we did was have a discussion about the definition and functions of piercings.

It was much harder than I thought it would be to do this, but I eventually dragged out 100 ideas from my brain and picked out the best ones to show to my professor. This was kind of a last minute decision so I spent about 8 hours of my precious Saturday (or was it Sunday…) making an earring as close to the first one as I could.
Een Gc Collection horloge kunt u overal bij dragen, op het werk, op school of tijdens een avondje uit. Een slimme mix van glamour en technologie die het merk een unieke positionering in de Zwitserse horloge-industrie geeft. Like always, we were encouraged to think outside the box, but making a traditional ring was acceptable too. We concluded that a piercing is an adornment usually worn on or through the skin or other body part. My initial idea was to do two different earrings (because I like asymmetry when it comes to earrings…). It was definitely easier the second time around, although I accidentally melted one of the tips so you’ll notice that one earring has a curled tip and one is in the shape of a ball (oops).
I love rings, especially big ones, so I already knew I wanted to make something big that I could actually wear. Since I spent so much time on the ring, I made the band as simple as possible, for lack of time. We talked about what society thinks about people with piercings and what message these people are trying to send. One would move up and around the ear and the other earring would dangle from the other ear. Then I noted each end that would be curled and sanded those down to a point with a sanding belt. Alle Gc horloges zijn vervaardigd met de beste materialen en luxe details: diamant, saffier kristal, parelmoer of high-tech keramiek, roestvrij staal en afgewekt met het beste lederen horlogebanden.
After going over some ideas with my professor, we decided that my idea with the most potential was a simple band with a large hemisphere shape on top that consisted of sheets of metal soldered together.

I took a pretty thick wire, flattened it, bent it to the size of my finger, and smoothed out the edges. I put a lot of work into it and I’m very proud of how it turned out :] Thanks for reading! Our discussion also included identifying which metals were safe to go through skin and establishing criteria for a good piercing such as easy to put in, stays in, doesn’t poke, lightweight, etc. I also decided that the dangly earring would be made in two parts, a front piece and a back piece.
After smoothing the ends out, I curled them with pliers and then bent each piece until they fit together enough for me to solder them.
Once I finished, I focused on the back piece and decided to have something abstract-looking hanging from behind the ear. Finally, I had to solder the band to the dome part, which was surprisingly harder than making the dome itself.
The soldering was the most difficult part since I was dealing with thin pieces that I couldn’t keep together very well. I had to solder some parts over and over again (this included waiting 5-15 minutes to get rid of the oxidation in between) before I got them to stay together. Then I took small pieces of sterling silver sheet and drilled two holes in each piece (cutting my finger in the process). I bought a few yards of copper chain over the weekend to connect the silver and copper pieces.

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