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With 2016 around the corner, we round up this year’s biggest fashion trends: the best, the worst, the ones we proudly #ootd-ed, and the ones that made it into our untagged Facebook photos.
When we said miniature bags are in next year, we didn’t mean ridiculously teeny-tiny handbags. Celine and Stella McCartney introduced the “super sleeves,” with lengths that extend beyond your hands. Comfortable as they may seem, having fur—or even feathers—in your shoes can be your most high maintenance piece to date. Gone are the days when sexy silk dresses were just meant for the bedroom. This year, brands like Balenciaga and Celine allowed them to see the light of day.
This year’s erogenous zone of choice is your shoulder area. Off-shoulder dresses, bikini tops, and bandage tops are the pieces that took the forefront all year-long. If we were to look at the street style outfits of the stars, we’d be bombarded with tons of monochromatic looks and chic neutrals. Do you want to look pleasant and charming?  It is an inherent desire of every person to look smart and beautiful.
Geometry is not only the subject of study but different geometric shapes are also used by the designers in designing the earrings.
At the end, jewellery and particularly the earrings have a great demand among the young girls and women. Milla fashion store is very popular name to design and present girly outfits that varies from stylish hijab dresses to modern pairing.
Rang Ja is latest brand of men and women wear in Pakistan which has established its label in 2012 so we can say that with few years working it has been familiar among fashion girls who want to make their style trendy more than chic. Saree and anarkali dresses: Saree and anarkali dresses are traditional wearing styles of sub-continent. Neeta Lulla Indian fashion designer: Neeta Lulla stands among the prestigious and high ranked fashion designer who is enjoying an excellent and prestigious place at behalf of her brilliant and inspiring fashion sense. Farah Talib Aziz, designer’s prologue: Farah Talib Aziz stands among the leading fashion designer of Pakistan. Women are busy in searching trunks and cupboards to find out the winter clothes and planning to shop latest winter dresses. There are a lot of successive designers which produced the dressing accessories in all over the world and Armani is one of them successive designer brands.

Gorgeous catchy designs India saree by Dia Kapoor Dia Kapoor is the name of Indian renowned veteran fashion designer that joined fashion world from last few years but rapidly earned esteemed fame in her passion and now, prominently know in Indian celebrated fashion designers. Calvin Klein is an eminent designer known for his menswear and women wear but also a code of home collection, cosmetics and perfumes.
Let these boho staples take a break this year, as—no kidding—they look weird in a city setting. Chic as they may look on the runways, we think you should still prioritize dexterity over anything else.
We can see you making that come-hither look with extra style mileage until next year and probably beyond, even! Who knew that our very shoulders, which we often tend to hide, are actually a secret asset we should continue showing off? Ever since Alessandro Michele joined the famed Italian brand, nerdy bohemian has gotten everyone excited all-year round.
Real-life dressing has been pared down and it’s never looked this enticing to wear! Kendall Jenner made white and beige the coolest color palette and many rocked black-on-black a la Gigi Hadid. Different materials are used to make different pieces of jewellery.  Jewellery is also designed in many shapes and styles.
Silver-colored and gold-colored chain earrings are equally liked by the girls and the boys.
Different size earrings have been in use always but the concept of ear cuffs is totally new. Designing the jewellery and especially the earrings in the shape of natural objects like birds, snake, butterflies, dragon, and starfish is the most popular trend. These tatted ear rings are made in the shapes of square, circle, leave, flower, and butterfly and in the cat shape also. This time they are presenting the winter season collection of hijab dresses for girls that are in warm colors and shades with different style.
Anarkali dresses have classy international charm and Asian ladies are like to wear anarkali dresses to enhance the elegance of their feminine beauty.
She is one of most successful and celebrated fashion designer who is serving the elite fashion divas since more than 2 decades. A grand synonym of elegance and rich magnificence, Farah Talib Aziz fashion house is soothing esteemed fashion desires of high ended people sibncev2006.

Likewise designers are also styling and launching their fall collections with a mist change in weather. These bags are cute for sure but what’s the point of even bringing one if you can barely fit your phone in it? Think ruffled floral dresses styled with geeky frames and berets and printed suits matched with loafers and brightly hued ties.
Amid the maximalist trends of the year, subtle fashion choices will continue to rule the streets well into the next few months. Different kinds of stones are used in designing the jewellery.  This article will tell you about the latest trends of earring for women 2014.
Different geometric shapes as triangle, circle, square, and sphere we may see in different pieces of the jewellery like earrings and bracelets, etc.
Use of motif earrings inlaid with pearls and diamonds is the latest earrings trend of 2014. The use of gold with diamond enhances its beauty.  Wearing gold earrings inlaid with diamond especially gives a gorgeous look to married women.
After reading this article, you will be able to select the best pair of earrings for your ears in the year 2014. The tatted jewelry is also available in the necklaces, bracelets and also in the ear rings. The blue color is well define in the tatted ear rings jewelry in different shades of blue like navy blue, sky blue, royal blue, blue in ferozy and zinc blue.
Shape of the face is affected by the type of the earrings you are wearing. Here, I am going to let you know about the latest earring trends 2014. Every woman cannot afford the gold jewellery.  Instead of gold jewellery, the trend of wearing artificial jewellery is increasing day by day. Desire of women for jewellery rises day by day, so let us have a look upon the earring trends 2014!

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