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London club owner Guy Pelly will wed his bride this weekend in a swanky three-day affair with Prince William and Harry as guests. The rowdy pal to the princes will say goodbye to his party lifestyle as he ties the knot with his hotel heiress bride in Memphis, Tennessee.
But Pelly has been described as a bad influence on the pair and has been present during many embarrassing moments for Wills and Harry. Pelly was also by redhead Prince Harry’s side when he was photographed in a Nazi uniform at a fancy-dress party. Party-boy Pelly was put in charge of organising Prince William’s stag do ahead of his wedding to Kate Middleton. The pair have been dating for little over a year and Pelly is said to have popped the question just before Christmas. The dark-haired beauty was said to have struck up a good friendship with Harry’s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas, which is a little awkward considering the pair have just split.

The slightly strange choice of setting is said to have spooked palace officials who have given the princes instructions to be on their best behaviour. They’re said to be desperate to avoid a repeat of an incident in 2012 where Prince Harry made headlines around the world after being pictured cavorting naked at a Las Vegas hotel.
Celebrations have already started with Prince Harry being snapped dining at restaurant Rendezvous in Memphis – his first time out and about since his split from Cressida Bonas.
The wedding itself will take place on Saturday and will see guests don fancy dress for the reception.
The wedding weekend will be wrapped up on Sunday with a lavish brunch at the polo club near Miss Wilson’s home.
The Duchess of Cambridge has just returned from a Royal trip to Australia and New Zealand with Wills and is said to be happy to have some time at home with nine-month-old baby George. The pair were also said to be keen to avoid a media circus around the wedding, which contributed to the decision to leave Kate at home.

But the decision can’t have been an easy one, since Guy and Kate are also close friends with the pair becoming drinking buddies when Kate and William split briefly in 2007. Related PostsPictured: Prince Harry out and about for the first time since Cressida Bonas splitIt’s a Royal Affair! Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge spent several hours at the Park in hopes of drawing attention to the plight of endangered animals. I’m asking everyone to take a picture of anything purple you have and post the link to it here. When I found out I was pregnant, I would get to work at knitting an afghan for the kid-to-be.

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