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MEDITERRANEAN EDEN pendant earrings in 18 kt pink gold with mother of pearl and pave diamonds. CERCHI earrings in 18kt yellow gold with blue topazes, green tourmalines, peridots, citrine quartz, rhodolite garnets and pave diamonds.
B.ZERO1 pendant earrings in 18kt yellow gold with peridot, amethyst, blue topaz, citrine quartz and pave diamonds. Since most brides are already wearing their engagement ring on their wedding day (and will soon also be wearing a wedding band), additional ring jewelry is not commonly worn as a bridal accessory.  Although this convention has been challenged with the adorable trend of bridal cocktail rings, pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings are still far more common bridal accessories than pearl rings. Two golden South Sea pearls dangle alluringly from a clean row of amber colored sapphires in this lovely pair of earrings. Not only are pearls beautiful and one of a kind, they have also long symbolized qualities that embody a woman on her wedding day.
We love the look of wedding day pearls and want to highlight some of our favorite options for pearl bridal jewelry.

For women infusing their wedding with vintage glamour, this pair of opera dangle earrings is sheer perfection.
Though this is the same design as the earrings above, they make an entirely different statement in the warm hue. They would be absolutely lovely paired with a bateau neckline wedding gown or other high-neck creation, or worn as a set with a pretty white pearl necklace.  Like the white pearl and diamond drop earrings, this is one piece of jewelry that can be worn with anything and will stand the test of time. The stunning rich blue sparkle of the sapphire is timelessly glamorous and always eye-catching, perfect for expressing a love that’s deep and that never fades. Not only is this green gemstone the birthstone for the month of May, it’s also the inspiration for Pantone’s color of the year! Since they have been used in fine jewelry for thousands of years, pearls have come to symbolically represent virtue, purity and beauty. Just make sure to pair them with very simple additional accessories to let them take center stage and shine.

The amber sapphires and golden pearls make these earrings an ideal choice for a cozy autumn wedding.
They are also often used as a representation for faith since the Bible refers to religion as a pearl. For these reasons, choosing a gorgeous piece of pearl jewelry is perfectly befitting a bride.

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