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Choosing special jewelry for a new mom is a great way to offer a heartfelt, meaningful keepsake for this wonderful time in a new mother's life. Click on the 'buy now' link on any image to see retail information for that piece of jewelry. A mother's journey pendant shows the bond between mother and child and the journey of life they will take together.
A mother's birthstone ring is not only special jewelry for a new mom, but it is full of meaning and significance.
A popular type of jewelry for mothers is shared pendants for both the mother and her daughter. A simple safety pin brooch or charm pin can be a lovely and unique choice to give a new mom.
A locket with "Mom" on the front is a beautiful and symbolic type of jewelry for many new moms. Simple heart pendants are always appropriate for new moms and they can symbolize not only the love the mother has for her child, but also of the person giving the pendant.
A cameo is a lovely and sophisticated jewelry choice, and baby or mother-and-child designs are available for new moms.
An elegant and unique type of special jewelry for a new mom is a pearl bracelet or necklace in soft, baby colors.
Italian link charm bracelets are very popular and can be easily customized with a range of designs for mothers. Classic pieces of jewelry such as diamond stud earrings, a pearl necklace, or a diamond tennis bracelet are always popular gifts for new moms that they can wear with pride and love no matter how old their children are.

I’ve been a huge fan of Lisa Leonard jewelry since we first featured her on Cool Mom Picks many moons ago.
Lisa’s new hope{full} line is fair trade and sustainable, giving work to Ecuadorian women and helping build their community.
But the best part is that a portion of the proceeds for each piece goes to Jungle Kids, a wonderful organization that helps the local children attend school. Previous5 guacamole recipes so amazing, you’ll want to make all of them for Cinco de Mayo.
I very much remember being a strict rule follower when it came to white shoes before Labor Day or mixing different prints, etc, etc. From rings to pendants to bracelets, there are many types of jewelry that feature motherly designs. Many of these pendants include stylized hearts or a woman and infant figure, and they can be found in gold, silver, and platinum. For a first child, the ring may include the birthstones of the parents surrounding the child's birthstone, or the ring may use colorless diamonds around the central birthstone. Heart designs are the most common and come in many sizes and styles, including interwoven and breakaway hearts.
You can get them in girl or boy colors, but then the new mom can add to it and make it unique as her family grows. Suspend a simple charm with the baby's birthstone for added meaning, and be sure to leave room to add future birthstones if desired. The locket may hold a picture of the new baby or both the mother and child, or it could hold a small lock of the baby's hair.

There are hundreds of heart pendant designs available, from glass hearts to diamond paved hearts to heart shaped gemstones.
Baby shoes, booties, rattles, bottles, strollers, blocks, and other items are available either in simple designs or studded with diamonds or birthstones. Many cameo pendants can also be personalized with a simple gemstone (blue for boys and pink for girls, or the child's birthstone), or they may be completely surrounded by diamonds.
Both pink pearls and blue-tinged pearls are available and would be perfect to add to any woman's jewelry collection. From basic designs that say "Mom" to all types of baby paraphernalia - bottles, strollers, teddy bears, booties, etc. But now she’s launched a simple, crazy affordable line of pieces that help support a wonderful cause. Each pair of disc earrings is made from tagua seeds dyed in all sorts of gorgeous colors, like rich green, blue, or my personal favorite, yellow. You'll find everything from ways to save at the grocery store, online shopping deals, free or affordable family events in the Northwest, dining discounts, frugal DIY tips and much more!

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