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For ordering this item, please mention the item code HJK-041 and mail to orderurchoice at gmail dot com. Tutorial to make a pair of quilling earrings made using strips of paper in a flower design.
I don't apply a fixative to my necklace pendants and earrings as they don't receive a lot of hard use, but if you live in a high humidity area, you might want to apply a spray or brush-on fixative.
You'll find many more of my quilled jewelry patterns in the books All Things Paper and Creative Paper Quilling. If you'd like to receive my occasional and free All Things Paper newsletter that features posts like this one, sign up here.
A torn end will glue more smoothly than a sharp cut and the coil will appear perfectly round. When the coil is released, the inner coils will spin around and create what Licia Politis has named a vortex coil - a good way to think of it!
The next day, slide an opened jump ring through each ring coil and slip on an earring wire.

When adhering coils to one another, apply glue sparingly with the tip of a pin, paper piercer, or use a fine-tip glue bottle available from quilling suppliers. Perhaps add them to your holiday wish list or ask your local library to place an order if they don't already have them on the shelf. You can order gold, silver or copper-edge quilling paper from JJ Quilling Design in England. Rubbing on silver polish (even toothpaste!) makes them shiny again, so it's probably the same oxidation process as with silver. Your girlfriends will be thrilled at how lightweight and comfortable they are to wear, not to mention surprisingly durable; they'll even survive New Year's Eve and beyond! I ordered my favorite precision slotted tool (blue one in the supplies photo) from Japan, but it isn't a necessity. The vortex shows best in a densely quilled coil with lots of rotating spirals, so don't skimp on the length of the strip. Allow glue to dry for a few minutes, turn earrings over, and apply reinforcing dots of glue to all join spots with the tip of a pin.

Close jump ring, wear, and receive compliments - no one will believe your golden earrings are made of paper! Exposure to air tarnishes silver and I find it tarnishes even more quickly inside a small paperboard box.
A slotted tool, available in craft stores and from any online quilling supplier, costs just a few dollars. I have to wonder if there is acid in the paperboard or cotton batting that reacts with silver.
If you prefer your coils to not have a center crimp, use a needle tool (wooden handle in photo) or substitute a stiff wire, tapestry needle, or corsage pin.

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