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It's easy to make beautiful jewelry at home with our new selection of beaded jewelry kits from Prima Bead. The Sea Glass Bracelet Making Kit features sterling silver beads & findings, frosted glass beads, and sparkling crystals. This beautiful bracelet uses calming sea glass inspired colors, including aquamarine blue, lime green, and light teal. The Gold Forest Earring Making Kit includes all the materials you need to make these gorgeous crystal & glass pearl earrings. The 14K gold plated beads & findings coordinate beautifully with the forest green crystals and soft gold pearls. The Gold Forest Necklace Making Kit is a 3-strand crystal & glass pearl necklace kit designed to match perfectly with the Gold Forest earrings. Kit includes 14K gold plated beads & findings, genuine Crystazzi crystals, and lustrous glass pearls. You'll need to have some basic jewelry making tools on hand to complete your Prima Bead jewelry projects. Wear this fun bracelet to a special Christmas gathering or just for fun throughout the holiday season. Holiday jewelry kits are also a great way to create special jewelry items for handmade gift giving!
The Christmas Lights Earring Kit is another fun holiday jewelry kit you won't want to miss.  Crystal tear drops and sterling silver accents make these earrings sparkle! Explore our fun & always-changing selection of Creative Craft Kits & Supplies at Weekend Kits and be ready to create something new - like beautiful jewelry - on your next Weekend at Home! Thank you for visiting the Weekend Kits Blog, where you'll always be the first to learn about What's New at Weekend Kits! Bead Y Necklace, Jewelry Making Instructions Dec 04, 15 11:35 PMLearn how to make a Y necklace with one wire with step by step illustrated bead jewelry making instructions. Wire Wrapping Technique, Jewelry Making Instructions Dec 04, 15 07:30 PMLearn a beginner jewelry wire wrapping technique, used in making wire jewelry and bead jewelry making, with illustrated step-by-step instructions. Wire Wrapped Pendant, Jewelry Making Instructions Dec 04, 15 07:19 PMMake a wire wrapped pendant using an easy wire jewelry making technique.

I have learned so much and appreciate knowing how to make my pieces look really professional.
I have just started my hobby in jewelry making and whenever I come across a hurdle, your website shows me how to get over it. If you would like to try your hand at making wire jewelry, learning how to make wire earrings is a good place to start. When just starting, it is best to use materials you can buy from craft stores: the generic, non-precious metal kind. The tutorial below is for a very simple wire earring that you can make easily and wear proudly. The basic materials you need are a foot of 26 gauge artist wire, 2 ear wires, 2 small jumper rings, and various sized spare beads if you have them and want to use them (six small matching beads will work just fine). Make sure your mandrel is the same size as the top loop of your figure ?8?: put the bottom of the marker against the top of the figure ?8? to see if it?s the same size. Put the wire down on your pattern so that the loop faces outward from the figure ?8?, close to the spot where the lines intersect at the center, and following the outward stroke. At the spot where the figure ?8? starts to curve into the loop, wrap your wire around the mandrel so that it curves according to the pattern you made. Make a loop on the other end of the ?8?, using the same mark on the nose of the pliers, to the opposite direction of the first loop. Step 5: ¬†While holding one end of the bead pin with a pair of your pliers, pull the other end of the bead pin around itself like shown below. Step 9: ¬†Using your pliers, bend a tiny portion of the straight end over the other like pictured below. Today’s jewelry DIY, Make These Lovely Light Jade Green & Gold Chandelier Earrings! The product descriptions provided for each of the jewelry kits tell you which jewelry tools you'll need as well as which techniques are used in making the jewelry project. Earrings are small and simple to make, require few materials, and can be worn right away A? instant gratification!
This way, you can experiment all you like without spending too much money and worrying about whether the finished product will be fit to use.

For tools, you need wire cutters, round nose pliers, a small mallet or hammer, a thin rubber sheet or a spare mouse pad, a marker or similar cylindrical object to use as a mandrel (where you wrap the wire around), and paper and pen. Use the marker to mark a spot on the tip of your round nose pliers: this will serve as a guide for where to turn a loop in the wire, so that your loops are uniform in size. Follow the diagonal stroke of the figure ?8? towards the bottom part, under the loop you made, and again use the mandrel to curve the wire into shape, back to the intersection, so that the figure ?8? is completed.
To do this, lay the figure ?8? wires down on a hard, smooth surface, like a smooth, non-texture tile. Your earring should look like a big figure ?8? with two very small loops facing outward from where the wires intersect. Now that you know how to make wire earrings, go experiment on other shapes, other looks, and other designs. Enter an idea to make her a similar looking pair as a birthday gift with some green stones I happened to have around, and here’s what I came up with!
Repeat steps 1 through 7 until you have 3 hanging beads separated by 6 small beads and 2 cylinder beads. If you are using beads, the width of the figure should be wide enough to accommodate 3 beads. Take one of your cut wires, position one end on the mark in your round nose pliers, and twist around the nose tip so that the wire forms a small, closed loop. Then take your other set of pliers and finish twisting and tighten the whole thing down using both pliers. Next, attach your earring clasp with your jump ring to the hoop enclosure below and you’re done.

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