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We have a 100% Buyer protection policy wherein you can return the product for any reason whatsoever. If you wish, we can offer you a redeemable voucher worth the refund amount for future purchases. You transparently pay through our Payment Gateway and all the data is transferred through high level encryption technology. Large and diverse selection of Dry Creek Turquoise Earrings from Post style to French Wire Dangle in an assortment of sizes, shapes and price ranges to compliment your style and budget. Four Corners USA OnLine offers an extensive collection of Native American Indian handcrafted Sterling Silver Dry Creek Earrings with each set of stones offering their own unique character with varying color depths and matrix.

Cutting stones in pairs for earrings is always risky for lapidaries particularly when the Turquoise availability is so limited by private collection as in Dry Creek Turquoise. Else we can also refund the entire amount back to your bank account without any deductions along with Rs.
Each Navajo Silversmith has brought their signature design to each one of a kind pair of earrings and we are proud to offer them for your consideration. Matching stones for color and matrix is particularly challenging as Turquoise almost always varies based on when and where (within the mine claim) the stones were mined even within the same claim.
Our team will reply to you with an approval email containing the instructions and return shipping address to which you need to send back the product within 7 days.

When rough Turquoise stone is limited as with Dry Creek, most stone cutters will maximize their hold by creating cabochons for single stone settings such as Rings and Pendants rather than running the risk of fracture while cutting matching stone for Earrings.

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