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If you'd like to support this site and all the free things I post- please check out my Don't Eat the Paste Mandala collection coloring book for 9.99 at Amazon. Round 4: ch 1, sc in picot, ch 3, skip 3 sts, dc in next st, ch 5, dc in same st (V stitch made), ch 3, sc in next picot. Round 5: Ch 1, sc in same st, sc 2 times in first space, sc in dc, sc 3 times in ch 5 loop, ch 7, sl st to join at the 6th ch from hook, ch 1, sc 3 times in same loop, sc in dc, sc 2 times in next space, sc in sc, sc 2 times in next space, sc in dc, sc 3 times in ch 5 loop, ch 3, sc 3 times in same loop, sc in dc, sc 2 times in next space, sc in sc. I mixed the Mod Podge half and half with water in a small pill bottle, then soaked both earring pieces in that solution. The earrings wires that I used are made with 20 gauge sterling wire that I shaped around a dowel for the hook, then used bail pliers to make the ring.

This is an adult coloring book that collects 50 of the mandalas from this site into one book for 9.99. Because of the high spam levels and still wanting the site to be friendly, I switched to moderating comments instead of a captcha. You have my permission to use it for personal use but not to use it for commercial purposes without my express permission.
My review policyThis site uses Amazon affiliate links to help pay for the site.There is also the occasional sponsored post. When I spotted these spring earrings from Maggie, I realized that I need something to do with the large amount of wood circles that I have in my stash.

As soon as it was mostly dry, I unpinned it and turned them over to let the other side dry more completely, then let the Mod Podge cure for 12 hours and put them on the earring wires. I will not endorse any product that I haven't had personal experience with and enjoyed using.The mandalas, boxes and other printable content on this site is my own creation and copyrighted by me, Shala Kerrigan, and meant for personal use. I could make several pairs for myself and for my mom (Mother’s Day is coming!) in one fell swoop.

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