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They have a very simple appearance, so if you want “quieter” jewelry, then these earrings are for you. Even though we don’t give it much thought, many of the gemstones that decorate jewelry today had much use in ancient civilizations. Turquoise, for instance, was quite popular among ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Persians, Mesopotamians, amongst additional cultures. Vel integer quis porttitor sed in in ac, ut diam porttitor odio nunc tempor dapibus quis est aliquam dictumst, vel amet tincidunt pulvinar?

We know the Egyptians inlaid their jewelry with turquoise as well because of the findings from Tutankhamun’s tomb, like the Pharaoh’s burial mask ,which was inlaid with turquoise.
Another fact that made turquoise so popular in ancient Egypt was its association with the goddess, Hathor, the goddess of motherhood. As a result of this association, turquoise arguably became the first gemstone to be imitated. On a more general scale, the stone has been associated with good fortune in a multitude of cultures around the world.

People wore turquoise on their body as part of jewelry, but it was believed that impending doom would come whenever the gemstone changed color. This change of color does occur in real life, but not because of any impending danger, but because the color can change from excessive light, or any chemical reaction caused by dust and acidity of the skin.

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