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In fact, I brag about them all the time, and even wrote an entire POST about them back in 2008.
They are very Hard to Hold and you’re always Dropping the Slippery Dome Shaped Donuts! You have to SWAP out your Regular Posts for special La Pousette Posts that have Grooves in them!
The really COOL thing about these Locking Backs is this: You DON’T need to Switch out your Earring Posts! And to Unlock them, you Simply Hook your Fingernail under the end of the disk and the Back Pulls off!

These Chrysmela Catch Locking Backs are the Latest, Greatest, and Easiest way to Protect your Earrings!
I say BUY all 3 Colors: Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, and you’ll NEVER need any other Earring Backs AGAIN!
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Push Backs locking mechanism .To secure the earring in your ear, the thin post at the back of the earring is inserted into a tiny,self-locking hole in the front of the earring.
It only takes Minutes for a Qualified Jeweler to put the NEW Posts on, and you will get used to holding the Backs as you use them over time.

They have an Adjustable T-Shaped Closure that is Interesting enough, but they don’t look Very Secure or Durable to me.
I would have to Test them out to see for sure (If the Company would like to Send a Pair, I’d be more than Happy to Review them).

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