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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? It doesn’t take a charged event like an auto accident, a sports injury, or a fall on the stairs to bring on acute back pain and trouble.
WHEN SIGNS LIKE THIS SURFACE, A CHIROPRACTIC EXAMINATION IS IN ORDER TO DETERMINE THE CAUSE AND TREAT IT BEFORE SERIOUS TROUBLE STRIKES. Sometimes merely bending over to tie one’s shoelaces will do the trick — or lifting a bag of groceries from the car — or picking the baby up to give her a hug —or countless other simple, innocent human activities, any of which can trigger back pain in an instant.

Back pain hits individual Americans by the thousands every day — seemingly at random like a roll of the dice —compromising health, sapping vitality, even wrecking careers… not caring who it brings down. With few exceptions they say, back pains instigated by everyday movements are almost always triggered by chronic spinal weaknesses, imbalances, fixations, genetic imperfections, subluxations, or any of a variety of other biomechanical problems related to spinal bones, ligaments, discs and muscles. Most of the time, these back experts say, the body sends ever so many early warning signals that back trouble is on the way. Too often though, the very person who should be paying the most attention ignores these subtle signals of impending back misery and —the next thing you know —that person falls prey to back pain.

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