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Trying to justify the Trophy-R as an ownership proposition is tough when the day-to-day usability is so compromised, the price is so high and the standard 275 Trophy is so good. Using the standard Megane 275 Trophy as a starting point, the ‘R’ strips out 100kg of weight by deleting the back seats (-20kg), air-con (-6kg), rear wiper (-1kg) and almost all the sound deadening (-21kg).
The two-seater layout means the Trophy R is less versatile than the standard Renaultsport for carrying passengers, but stripping out the rear seats has resulted in acres of space in the back. The rear strut brace has a cargo net attached to it to stop items rolling forward into the passenger compartment, while Renault has designed the boot so that it can accommodate a set of tyres. The figure-hugging Recaro seats require a special technique to climb in and out, where you swivel on your backside with your leg cocked in the air to get over the high sides. You can adjust the dampers to suit the surface, although this involves getting your hands dirty under the wheelarches. These modes also liberate the full 271bhp on offer, and the engine’s meaty power delivery feels very responsive, plus there’s barely a hint of torque steer under hard acceleration.

However, on the right road the grip, stability and pace has to be experienced to be believed.
When you remove over 20kg of sound insulation, refinement suffers, so at 70mph the roar from the tyres drowns out the radio (a option mercifully put back in to our test car, along with sat-nav) and any conversation you were hoping to have with your passenger. At ?36,420 before you’ve added the Nurburgring record pack, it’s a full ?7,500 more than the already-brilliant 275 Trophy. The standard Ohlins Road & Track dampers deliver brilliant body control, but the ultra-stiff chassis means the Megane follows every ripple and rut in the road.
Urban or motorway driving is a trial more than a joy, as the harsh ride and lack of sound deadening mean every trip will leave your body tingling and ears ringing. The track-focused Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres deliver phenomenal grip in the dry, while switching the car to Sport or Race modes means the sharp chassis, stiff dampers and direct steering let you know exactly what’s going on beneath you, and makes attacking a twisting road an absolute joy. So for track enthusiasts with deep pockets and after something with rarity and record-breaking pedigree, the Trophy-R is as good as it gets.

To justify that sort of outlay it’ll need to be absolutely stunning at the things it was designed to do well – post lap times and devour B-roads. Rear visibility is poor due to the lack of wiper, although standard rear parking sensors help to compensate for this.
Hats off to Renault for having the confidence to build it and reinforcing its mastery of the hot-hatch class. The Renaultsport Megane 275 Trophy R is the spiritual successor to the Megane R26.R and the exact car Renault used to set a new front-wheel drive Nurburgring lap record of 7min 54sec back in June 2014. Now it’s available to 250 brave customers around the world, with just 30 examples coming to the UK.

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