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Well, I had so much fun making last week’s video and chatting with everyone in the comments.
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Homeschool is starting this week, and it’s been a busy summer with lots of guests, so my husband encouraged {ok, pushed me out the door} me to take a 2 day personal retreat.
And as much as I love connecting with each of you here on the blog, via email, and on the Facebook page, I love to chat even more. Australia is only the second country to ever host a Top Gear Festival and I was extremely excited to attend the event. This white beauty looks so elegant and the pink leather seats and pink number plate makes it really feminine isn't it?
The Lexus LFA V10 engine revs from idle to the redline in just 0.6 of a second which makes it an incredible fast car.
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Grab a cup of something warm and let's chat about savoring messy motherhood, mission life, homeschool and gospel in the midst of the mundane. I went for the grand opening day on the 9th of March and I was in awe at the festival highlights which simply took my breath away. It was something more interesting than watching the various racing cars going at extremely dangerous speeds on the racing track.
It was a memorable event and I enjoyed the experience despite perspiring under the hot scorching sun. Thanks for sharingBusiness Insurance in Sydney ReplyDeletefindlocales9 April 2013 at 03:37very nice blog.
With incredible Top Gear stars comprising Jeremy Clarkson, James May, The Stig, F1 driver Mark Webber etc. I also enjoyed watching F1 driver Mark Webber showing off his F1 driving skills around the circuit in his Red Bull F1 Car in an attempt to break the record and my my he was amazingly fast and furious!
On top of everything, thank God for the beautiful weather as it was a hot sunny day with no rain. To end off, Mark Webber also drifted dangerously right in front of the crowd and it was highly exhilarating!

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