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It was a monster year at South by Southwest—and we have the ringing ears, tired feet and seemingly endless hangover to prove it. Amid the sea of music, skinny jean-clad fans and taco trucks that invaded Austin last week, blu eCigs resurrected the Electric Lounge and rocked out with some of the week’s most buzzed-about performances. For members of the blu Nation® who couldn’t make it down to Texas—and for the super fans who want to relive the magic over and over—we’ve gathered 19 of our favorite moments from the Electric Lounge. I first fell in love with The Peacock years ago, when overhearing a group of smokers—three men who may well have fought in Vietnam and one woman of utterly indiscernible age—talking. What I didn’t realize at the time was that The Peacock is special beyond ol’-timer camaraderie. I entered The Peacock one recent Thursday evening hoping that a random, objective immersion may reveal something essential of the strange, seemingly conflicting world of The ‘Cock.
Three men sit at the bar: one with an ugly sweater and a decidedly non-ironic moustache, another with neck tattoos that look as though he’d done them himself with a Bic Pen, the third with a leather jacket paired with athletic pants. The term “dive bar” gets bandied about by baby-faced twenty-somethings who’ve never experienced the knife-cold disappointments of life—you’ll often hear The Peacock described as a dive, and there’s a certain amount of truth to that. Nonetheless, slow evenings in a place like this cause the old scars of those disappointments to throb and burn. When Sqwigee stops singing the downstairs walls pulse with the upstairs beats, a reminder of The Peacock Paradox.  Upstairs, two couples are dancing half-heartedly to Usher’s Yeah.
If The Peacock’s downstairs ambiance is of warm and worn wood paneling, the Top of the Cock resembles a large black basement with strobe lighting.
Back downstairs, a tall, slightly nerdy man I’d seen swigging soda through a straw is singing “Sweet Caroline.” The crowd dutifully “Ba-Ba-Baa”s  on cue. The Peacock isn’t exactly unselfconscious—it’s a successful business, after all—but it is unpretentious; any pretense slinks in with the crowd.

That incessant pounding on your temples, as if some malign goblin has taken up residence inside your brain and is hammering its way out. Lt Col John Pemberton, a trained pharmacist, invented the fizzy drink in Atlanta, Georgia, in May 1886, in a bid to wean himself off morphine, to which he had become addicted after becoming wounded during the American Civil War.
The Electric Lounge at Summit Nightclub was the only spot in town where you could catch DJ Morgan Page’s mind-blowing 3-D show, get busy to DJ Vice, throw back champagne with Lil Jon and go into orbit with Manufactured Superstars. The Peacock’s been around since 1929: generations of beer, sweat, blood, vomit, raspy laughter, skin cells, fry grease, pool chalk, and cigarette smoke has soaked into the walls, tables, and bar like a consecrating lacquer. The Peacock succeeds in straddling so many worlds because it offers itself to those who will accept it. I didn’t know that,” and just as Hal began the story of his failed marriage a semi-truck rumbling down 2nd street honked and the trucker waved. There’s the crack of pool balls, the murmur of voices, the flash of digital deer fleeing through woods, and not much else.
Mostly college-age kids and one older gentleman with a braided beard who seems to be in a constant state of throwing back to the sixties. The point is to dance and drink and dance some more and wake up the next morning with a hangover, your ears ringing, and a stranger snoring beside you. All four smokers raised hands in synchronized salutes and then, right then, I knew there was something special about The Peacock.
He dances frenetically: a pseudo Irish jig, a few half-splits, frequent twirling hand motions. The place is often humid with the press and grind of dancing bodies, but it’s a slow mid-term Thursday, and empty.
The affection for PBR has nothing to do with the overtly self-conscious display of hipster irony one would find in Portland.
The karaoke DJ, one Sqwigee Okie, is a rotund, animated character whose catchphrase is “awrooo.” Like most Karaoke DJs he takes a song or two for the team.
They honestly like PBR here.  In fact, there’s none of that irony in The Peacock, whether it’s the karaoke, the evening’s theme, or the desultory dancers upstairs.

You know what you will get downstairs, even if you may not have envisioned old hippies somersaulting on the floor.
Soon, its reputation had spread far beyond the chemist's clients, and customers were coming from far and wide to try Pemberton's "miracle cure".
The bathroom too clean, the lights too bright, the karaoke too joyful, and the sheer volume of young college students overwhelms any otherwise depressing, dive-y aspects.
Though its curative qualities are long-forgotten, the company's mission statement still references its roots: "to inspire moments of optimism". Indeed, in 1938, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel started serving its international guests a mixture of Coca-Cola and milk after a heavy night out.
Something like Coca-Cola has lots of sugar and fluids and will put those back into your body to get your energy levels up. The caffeine will also give you an energy boost." But, she adds, "there are better options from a hydration perspective. My recommendation would be to drink lots of water and have something that’s easy on your stomach like a dry piece of toast.
The negative side of Coca-Cola is its high sugar content and, after a big night out, you’re probably not going to be doing lots of exercise to counteract that. As a grab and go drink, it's not too bad once in a while." We all have our own remedies for beating a hangover Melanie Brown, a London-based nutritionist, is less convinced.
And some people claim that the fizzy bit settles your stomach - but apart from possibly relieving gas build up, there's no evidence for that." Still, Coke converts won't be convinced. But definitely something to bear in mind next time you're clawing your way back from the bottom of a bottle - and it might just get you through that New Year's Day family lunch feeling vaguely like a human being.

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