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Zeng (in photo at top of page), a bioengineer and director of the Hearing and Speech Lab at UC Irvine. And as an encouragement, you can even view a gallery of finished psalteries made by others using the instructions given on this website. A Psimple Psaltery receives a small commission on sales generated through links to eBay and Amazon.

I build bowed psalteries, and I thought I would share some of my building experience with you. They have the most wonderful ringing sound of any musical instrument that I’ve ever heard, with a haunting sustain that makes the music seemingly float in midair and tingle in your ears. I’ve designed an online project which walks you through the entire process of building this musical instrument—from start to finish.

It seems that many musical instrument plans consist of an eclectic mix of cardboard, Styrofoam, and celery (?) – but not this one!

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