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The leverback punch is great to use with leverback, kidney wire, french hook, fish hook, brooches pins and even wine charms. You can: create your own brand, turn business cards into earring cards, Save money on earring display cards. One of the things an artisan has to be concerned about is how they can maximize the potential of their business by cutting cost on certain areas where quality will not be compromised. Earring cards work as a marketing tool too if thought of and made with great emphasis on how customers can retain information on the card itself. It can actually be some sort of business card that contains all the important elements of a business card. But of course earring cards will be a lot smaller than the generic business card size but it should always be full of the marketing strategies any business paraphernalia should have. If it would be too much for you to put out some good amount of money for earring cards, then it’s time that you make your own earring cards!
First, you need to choose the best paper that you can have, acid-free paper will be your best choice for this.

If you are into pearls, Swarovski, or polymer clay, then your design for your earring card should always be in line with your jewelry niche.
Third, your earring card punch kit for a neat, tidy, and easy way to punch a hole on your cards.
Once these earring cards are finished, stack them neatly so they won’t wrinkle and you’ll have a nice earring card to hang your jewelry on!
And earring cards are just the perfect element of business that you can have great savings on! Now there are a lot of pre-made earring cards out there in crafts stores, Etsy, Rio Grande, Fire Mountain Gems and just any jewelry store you come into has their own share of earring cards for grabs.
And by DIY, it means you having the control on the kind of personality you want to imbibe on your jewelry business by the kind of earring cards you have. It should contain of the website URL, email address, telephone number, if possible the logo of your jewelry business, and some space for your words describing your collection. Make sure that quality wise, the paper can hold the weight of your earrings and not really fall off, or worse tear up in the middle of the craft show.

There are really a lot of designs online that you can check on so you can create your own branding.
Keep it really simple if possible and do not overpower the design of the jewelry piece itself.
The tool comes in handy when you are keeping a uniform look on holes for your earring cards.
One is the conventional square or rectangular and other designs may vary depending on the jewelry itself. You can avoid that by using the best paper material possible, this might be your biggest investment then.

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