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Sunshine Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Kitchener Waterloo Clinic serves Kitchener Waterloo (KW), Cambridge, Guelph and the surrounding areas.
For many centuries, traditional Chinese medicine has gained worldwide fame not only for being natural, but also for being highly effective. Halfway across the world from the origin of Chinese acupuncture, therea€™s very little doubt that the western world has been swept by this holistic approach to health and wellness. A well-qualified and competent acupuncturist can see to your treatments successfully, and that's just what Sunshine Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Kitchener Waterloo Clinic offers.
If you're looking for an acupuncture clinic or a Chinese medicine clinic that is within the vicinity of Kitchener Waterloo (KW) and other neighboring areas, we, as one of the major holistic health providers may be your first choice for all of your acupuncture and Chinese medicine needs. Whether you're experiencing terrible pain, planning to quit smoking, having a huge weight loss or infertility issues, our goal is to help you maximize your overall health by addressing and treating the cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms. How to choose an acupuncturist and (or) a traditional Chinese medicine doctor in Kitchener Waterloo (KW) area? Traditional Chinese medicine (including acupuncture) as an alternative medicine is a science that is safe, powerful and effective, which is literally thousands of years old.
We know it can be difficult on choosing an acupuncturist and (or) a traditional Chinese medicine doctor that you can trust to provide the best of care. Chinese medicine is similar to naturopathic medicine in the way that both view symptoms and health issues in a holistic manner and seek to restore balance and promote overall health. Fortunately, Canada is no exception, and Kitchener and Waterloo are two of the cities where one can easily avail of this naturopathic means to ease pain.
Call us to schedule a free and no-obligation consultation and discover the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine. They are either using acupuncture and (or) Chinese medicine to support the health care they are receiving, or they come to us for chronic diseases because standard therapies, medications, and treatments have been ineffective.
We practice naturopathic medicine that undergoes natural self-healing treatments rather than any specific methods. It is extremely complex a€“ with over a thousand natural herbs and over 361 acupuncture points, learning its philosophy takes years of dedication and experience.

Apart from the concoction of a seemingly endless list of herbs and plants, acupuncture is arguably the most popular naturopathic treatment in oriental medicine.
It is interesting to note that although acupuncture is commonly administered in treating serious concerns like various chronic diseases and as a refreshing cancer support therapy, it is also widely used to relieve pain, address infertility, weight management or loss weight issues, even if you want to quit smoking or do facial rejuvenation. Prior to coming to Canada, she worked at the 301 Hospital, one of the largest and most reputable hospitals in China.
The services provided by Sunshine Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Kitchener Waterloo Clinic are covered under most health care plans.
In addition, many of our patients are looking for more natural therapies to improve their holistic health. We treat the causes of your conditions, provide rehabilitation and help restore maximum function to prevent a recurrence of pain and help prevent infertility through natural therapies or naturopathic medicine.
Treatments or prescriptions from different practitioners may render totally different effectiveness to the patient. We offer a wide range of traditional Chinese medicine services including Acupuncture, Electrical Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Massage, Moxibustion, Cupping, Channel Scrubbing (Guasha), Medicined Nutritional Diet, etc. In fact, even with the advances in science and technology, or maybe because of it, people are turning to natural alternatives or naturopathy to rid them of various aches and pain. Her years of accupuncture, herbal medicine and naturopathic healing experience are as effective as it is reassuring.
What follows are some of the most important things you need to know on choosing an acupuncturist and (or) a Chinese doctor.
Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine services in Kitchener Waterloo Region and its surrounding areas.

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