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Nowadays jewelry is one of the pieces that are indispensable, but have we ever thought about the history of these jewelry and what were they called?
Jewelry has played different roles in the Arab world as it had many different shapes and colors according to the geography and traditions of the tribes. Jewelry had many names and descriptions in the Arab world according to its use and their place. Women used something like belts, made of gold, tied around her waist and fixed with a small ring with shapes and sizes. Note: this currency converter is for information purposes only and does not apply on tickets and memberships. The British Museum online shop is able to offer a worldwide delivery service, and free UK delivery on BMP books.
Become a fan of the British Museum Shop on Facebook and Twitter to share all the latest offers and exclusive access to new gifts. Earrings appear to have been fashionable in the Early Middle Ages, and then not at all through the High Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages -- and then become trendy again in the 16th century.
When they do appear in western European artwork in the Late Middle Ages, earrings are a sign that the individual wearing them is not part of the norm -- the "other," to borrow the term from "Marked Difference: Earrings and 'The Other' in Fifteenth-Century Flemish Art" in Encountering Medieval Textiles and Dress -- often indicating that the person being depicted or described is meant to be Eastern or African.

What follows are links to information about extant earrings, as well as depictions of women (and men) wearing earrings. Portrait of Countess Livia da Porto Thiene and her Daughter Deidamia (also herehere -->) by Paolo Veronese, c. Portrait of Eleonora di Don Garzia di Toledo di Don Pietro dei' Medici by Alessandro Allori, c. Jewelry had an important position as the rich people are distinguished from poor by jewelry. In Islamic art, these never-ending patterns symbolize a spirituality that extends beyond the visible world. I've also started the process of moving these to separate pages for Ostrogothic earrings, Merovingian Frankish earrings, Lombardic earrings, Byzantine earrings, Persian earrings, Egyptian & Syrian earrings, English Renaissance earrings, Italian Renaissance earrings, French Renaissance earrings, and the earrings that mark exotic or Oriental characters.
They found a chain with a bead at the end, one part is fixed in the nose and the other side is put in hair.
These 24-karat gold-vermeil earrings pair intricate arabesque design with a timeless style. They are very well made and haven't tarnished at all nor have I had any trouble with the clasp.

545) from the Portrait-Book of Hieronymus Beck von Leopoldsdorf (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien IN 9691), c. Some people used them as magical or religious objects while others used them as a symbol of power. Gold vermeil is a technique first used in 18th-century France for gold-plating sterling silver. The only scenario where I wouldn't wear them would be certain traveling situations, because it's pretty clear that they are real gold, and even though they're small and tasteful, that's just not very nice to flaunt them in some situations. There were also something similar to the crown and it looks like helmets with pendants hanging from all sides, women used to use these things to decorate their heads. There were something called ring made of red gold with something under it to protect the head.

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