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Some time after installation, the car developed what Bees describes as an “intermittent screaming noise. After eliminating all other possible sources, the drone was traced to an issue with the transmission, torque converter, and fluid lines. Coincidentally, Bees lives only about a mile away from Mark Sanchez’s Advanced Engineering West (AEW) shop in Mira Loma, California.
Sanchez first test-drove the car to verify Bees’ complaint, quickly establishing the problem seemed to occur during the 1–2 shift. AEW’s Mark Sanchez tied up, wrapped, and isolated any item that could rub against the drivetrain or frame—but it made no difference. Next, Sanchez put the car up on jackstands to filter out any road-noise feedback or surface-contact harmonics.
At this point, it was time get out Sanchez’s go-to vibration analysis tool: a Steelman Wireless ChassisEAR remote listening device with clamp-on magnetic sensors. With the scope of the problem narrowed, the car went over to Rollings Automotive (also located in Mira Loma) for further inspection, analysis, and teardown. A makeover before that big first date: Bees was so excited HOT ROD approved his Nova rescue request that he prepped and painted the rusty old primered body. Besides the complete trans in the box, TCI set us everything needed to swap out the questionable assembly: a new Breakaway lockup torque converter, 3 gallons of Max Shift trans fluid, and two cans of trans flush. TCI’s StreetFighter transmissions include special clutches and bands for increased durability, plus heavy-duty sprags and roller clutches for increased holding capacity. TCI Breakaway converters provide approximately a 2,400- to 2,600-rpm flash stall without negatively affecting part-throttle driving.
The existing trans cooler lines from the original late-model truck were too long to properly fit in the Nova. Incorrect national pipe thread tapered (NPT) fluid-line fittings had been installed in the trans.
The trans fluid line fittings are a special “weird” national pipe thread straight mechanical (NPSM) nontapered thread that seals via an aluminum crush-washer or thread-locking compound.
Bees’ late-model 4L60E would have been factory-equipped with Quick-Connects (right) that can be hard to adapt for retrofit installations.
A running engine rocks in the chassis, so proper 400-psi SAE J1019 auto trans hydraulic fluid hose and adapter fittings connect the new steel lines to the radiator’s trans-cooler ports. After flushing the system, Rollings installed the new high-pressure hose and fittings into the radiator. While he was bending up the new fluid lines, Norm noticed the dangling engine starter wire harness. For hearing-aid users, digital cellphones have not been a big advance; they create electronic interactions that often lead to irritating buzzing and feedback, according to The New York Times. Roots recordings of indigenous and African-descent peoples of Central America have not generally enjoyed the attention lavished on other world folk traditions. Travelers in southern Mexico and Central America cannot miss the ubiquitous marimba, a West African-derived xylophone-like instrument assimilated by indigenous and Ladino (Mestizo or Spanish-Amerindian) groups as well. Music From Guatemala (Caprice), a 2-CD compilation recorded in 1999 and co-produced by the Swedish Concert Institute and the Guatemalan Ministry of Culture and Sports, presents the country's distinctive blend of Mayan, African and European musical traditions.
The second volume presents the music of Guatemala's Garifuna (formerly known as the Black Carib). Garifuna music builds on an ensemble of two and preferably, three garaon drums: the improvising primera or heart drum, the counter-rhythmic segunda or shadow drum, and the steady bass-line tercera. Ethnomusicologists were first to record Garifuna music, which missionaries had long sought to discourage, condemning as the devil's work the music's association with spirit possession rituals. The Black Caribs of Honduras presents secular and sacred music, including healing and possession songs associated with the dugú, along with paranda, punta and jonkonnu, a carnivalesque street music performed door-to-door during the Christmas season. Released originally in 1955, Songs and Dances of Honduras introduces popular forms rooted in the colonial era.
Ethnomusicologists Carol and Travis Jenkins worked in Belize some three decades after Stone's Honduras field efforts.
For instance, Paranda: Africa in Central America, (Erato Detour), recorded in 1998, presents six Garifuna paranderos and a punta rocker sprung from paranda. A persistent story since the end of World War II has been Garifuna men's emigration in search of work, while women, children and the elderly stayed behind.
Perhaps this is why Heartbeat in the Music, released by Arhoolie in 1992, remains the group's only recording.
Nourished through the performer-audience interaction so characteristic of diasporic expressive forms, these are concerns rooted in questions of identity and the challenges of everyday life. A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device which typically fits in or behind the wearer's ear, and is designed to amplify and modulate sound for the wearer. The definition of hearing impairment is not the same for everybody and the different who suffer from severe hearing loss will benefit from powerful hearing aids, but A legal proceeding where an issue of law or fact is tried and evidence is presented to help determine the issue. Definition of HEARING AID: an electronic device usually worn in or behind the ear of a hearing-impaired person for amplifying sound . Originally purchased as a rolling shell without an engine or a trans, it went through several small-blocks and 700-R4 automatics.
Although Sanchez is primarily a Ford specialist, due to his proximity to Bees (“We’re practically neighbors!”), he agreed to evaluate the car and perform the initial diagnostics.
He finally traced the noise to the transmission area by using this Steelman Wireless ChassisEAR remote audible listening device. But driving the car on the stands without the wheels in contact with the road made no difference, either.
Rollings examined the Nova and saw that the trans cooler lines were poorly routed, bent, and kinked.

He bought the mounts, headers, and trans crossmember from Street & Performance, which also programmed the computer.
A modified lubrication system increases fluid volume to the planetaries and other critical transmission internal parts. The result is a harder launch and quicker wide-open-throttle (WOT) acceleration even on mild engines without sacrificing part-throttle highway cruise-speed efficiency. Rollings buffed off the paint on the new TCI tranny’s block mating surface to maximize ground integrity.
Its sending unit screwed into an inline tee installed on one of Bees’ original fluid lines. The adapter seals via a nut on the inside and a washer on the outside, but Norm says it can come loose. Fortunately, the new TCI trans was delivered with proper fittings designed to mate with conventional SAE 45-degree inverted-flare tube-nuts. Fully compatible with GM Dexron and Ford Mercon fluid, Max Shift is fortified with ultra-pure base oils that resist viscosity breakdown to extend fluid change intervals.
Realistically, we don’t know if it was something in the trans or converter (later teardown failed to identify any specific “fatal” issue), the crudely mashed lines, the screen filters, or some combination of “all of the above.” What we do know is that the car is not only fixed for good, but overall it performs better than ever before.
But several essential recording projects, past and present, testify to the expressive power of vital but relatively unknown music cultures from Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. The centerpiece of much contemporary Maya music, the marimba has become Guatemala's national instrument, an ironic development given the ruling Ladino minority's 500-year genocidal policy toward the majority Maya population. For me, the most unusual track is from Rabinal Achí, the K'iche sacred dance drama performed during January's patron saint fiesta of San Pablo Rabinal, Baja Verapaz.
The Garifuna are a culturally hybrid, multilingual people of Afro-Amerindian descent who never submitted to slavery. An unusual adaptation is the snares, one or two guitar strings or wires stretched over the drumhead to achieve the buzzing sound also favored in some West African music cultures. Suamen is the most traditional, combining an acute female vocal chorus with the garaon duo and diverse percussion. Researcher Doris Stone worked in Honduras in the early 1950s, and her field recordings, including those of the Garifuna, appeared soon thereafter on Folkways Records. Associated with the majority Spanish-speaking mestizos (of primarily Spanish-Amerindian descent), the music combines guitar, the three-string tiple, violin, maracas (a pre-Columbian instrument), and along the western border with Guatemala, the marimba. The secular and sacred Garifuna music Jenkins and Jenkins documented, originally issued by Folkways in 1982, are now available in the Smithsonian Custom Compact Disc Series.
The artists, spread remarkably between 27 and 94 years of age, hail from the Caribbean coast of southern Belize and Guatemala. Except that today, entire families move in a transnational circuit that links Central America with cosmopolitan Garifuna communities in New York, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Houston and Los Angeles.
A constantly shifting collective of Garifuna musicians from Belize, Chatuye appears unmoved by the reductive logic that has led some of their paisanos to embrace the synthesizer, drum machine and female cleavage quotient of international Latin pop. Music and dance are integral to daily life, no commercially sequestered reserve for full-time professionals and their moneyed fans. A hearing aid is a small electronic device placed in the ear that helps amplify your hearing when you have hearing loss. Although hearing aid technology has advanced greatly, hearing test procedures have remained the same. A hearing aid is a device that can amplify sound waves in order to help a deaf or hard-of-hearing person hear sounds more clearly.
I thought it was the transmission, but a local trans shop said it was not the trans but the brake booster. Sanchez relates that “all the ‘experts’ had claimed it couldn’t be the trans—so next we physically searched for external sources. Checking trans-fluid flow, Norm observed “virtually nothing coming out of the radiator.” He also discovered restrictive screen-style inline fittings installed at the radiator end. Different pinouts have been used over the years—make sure the pins on the harness connector match those on the receptacle. TCI raises the line pressure for extra-firm shifts and greater torque capacity with less slippage.
As advertised, the trans and converter bolted right in place of Bees’ junkyard truck trans. The ground side always follows the path of least resistance; if the circuit tries to ground out the trans’ back-end, it could arc through and damage the rear bushing, yoke, and driveshaft. Rollings bent up new tubing and added short lengths of proper hydraulic hose up front going into the radiator cooler to compensate for engine rock. Its patented high-pressure cleaning agent expands when it comes in contact with the air, backflushing the system to remove any harmful metal shavings and sludge. The formulation reduces internal friction and heat buildup while promoting quicker clutch lock-up for firmer shifts. For example, just to remove the bellhousing from the main case requires a special T-1550-style Torx Plus socket with extra-long flutes (left, versus standard, right).
Pre-European Mayan instruments still in use include drums, flutes, ocarinas, whistles, conch-shell horns, string instruments, rattles, shakers and scrapers.
One does best, of course, to witness in person the performance, led by a slit-drum (tun) and two brass bugles (replacing the pre-Columbian conch-shell trumpet), accompanying costumed dancers who play cymbals and metal rattles, sometimes augmented by the sound of bells attached to their legs. They populated Central America's Atlantic coast from Belize to Nicaragua after English colonial forces defeated them in their native St.
This lends a highly valued denseness to the musical soundscape, which may deceive the ear as an artifact of electronic distortion in the recording process.
Ugandani augments three acoustic guitars with electric bass, but covers a traditional repertoire associated with wakes and the Christmas custom of going house to house soliciting small gifts of food, drink and money.

Founder Moses Asch, a seminal figure in "world music" before the concept knew its own name, left nearly 2,200 exceptional titles when he died in 1986, whereupon the catalog passed to the Smithsonian. Female voices are prominent, indeed they rule, reflecting the belief that women are more attuned to the domain of the ancestral spirits. The genres Doris Stone recorded include children's lullabies, the quisique or sique couple dance, fandango, corrido, vals and rumba (a radio insurgency from Cuba to all of Central America and Mexico). The call-and-response vocals and piercing harmony ride over a mournful, driving, minor-key guitar that achieves its arresting effect in part by tuning down a half-tone or more.
Musicians have assimilated hip-hop, rap, soul, rhythm and blues, jazz, pop, country western, rock, reggae, Latin, Afro-Caribbean and world musical influences, including guitar and vocal styles reminiscent of West Africa, all turned out in superb musicianship, pointed good humor and profound irony. Chatuye stands firm, a purely vocal and percussive ensemble dedicated to adapting traditional forms to the changing circumstances of an increasingly deterritorialized people facing struggles familiar to migrants everywhere.
A multi-generation mix of musicians, singers and dancers partake in a wider pan-Caribbean community that goes to work and school every day, and that emerges in spirited force during the annual round of street festivals celebrating the city's international diversity.
But taken together, these discs testify to the history and dynamism of little-known musical traditions and identity processes sprung from the often tragic dialectic of Central American experience, projecting a cultural sensibility that seems poised for a quantum breakout, coming soon to a neighborhood near you. According to noun a compact electronic amplifier worn to improve one's hearing, usually placed in or behind the ear. The saviors are the hearing aids which have brought in a new hope of light for the sufferers. Hearing aids — Online glossary of digital hearing aid terms, hearing loss, and digital technology Definition. A scarce holdout among a vanishing breed, Rollings is a full-service shop capable of doing everything from late-model stocker repairs to complete frame-up custom street rod and hot rod projects. Restrictions can cause a hydraulic resonance condition that may have been a cause of the weird noise.
There are many variations over the course of the 4L60E’s production run; we advise contacting TCI directly before placing an order. In this installation, the kit’s 1?8-NPT draincock was replaced by the gauge’s sending unit. After flushing the system, it was filled with 3 gallons of TCI’s premium Max Shift Racing Transmission Fluid. European introductions include the Spanish guitar and Western concert instruments, reflecting a history of classical composition reaching back to the colonial period.
Other instruments include turtle-shell percussion, claves, bottle percussion and a variety of shakers and scrapers. The Garifuna Boys favor a contemporary sound called punta rock, an increasingly popular regional dance style (the unfamiliar ear might gloss it as soca). In consequence, these unique documents are available once again, this time via the inspired Smithsonian Custom Compact Disc Series: Pick your title, file your request, and wait for the CD version in the post.
Living in rural Honduras in the early 1980s, I found these and related forms, the bolero especially, to be ubiquitous among village musicians, and I met some brilliant guitarists and vocal harmonists during that time, folk artists who never recorded, alas, but equal, in my estimation, to the trio gods, Mexico's Los Panchos, or Cuba's Matamoros. Certainly, the recording quality is superior to Stone's earlier work, a technological artifact that takes nothing away from her pioneer endeavor. Garifuna fight to maintain and convey to their children a distinctive cultural and linguistic identity in a society that persists in applying an antagonistic, polarizing racial logic, the one-drop rule, to the lived diversity of the New World African diaspora. Houston's African-Americans are not always sure what to make of the Garifuna, their Afro-Amerindian language, a refusal of cultural compromise, their unusual mores, food and dress, that rhythm, those drums!
I am at a loss since most shops don’t want to look at anything that’s not stock.” The queen Bees—Mike’s wife—kept pushing him to sell it, “but I just want to drive it.
But with inconsistent fluid circulation, the long-term longevity of the existing trans and torque converter—salvage-yard takeouts—now also became questionable. You’ll need to transfer the dipstick and tube, the VSS switch, and the shift-linkage to the new trans.
It adds keyboards, electric bass and occasional brass and synthesizer to the core drum and percussion ensemble. Together, the work of Jenkins and Stone enable a historical comparison that confirms the conservative aesthetic at the core of a dynamic Garifuna tradition.
In addressing people's critical daily concerns, Chatuye's music weaves traditional elements through a mischievous conversation with dominant popular forms and burning social concerns. HAC When wireless devices are used near hearing devices (such as hearing aids and cochlear implants), users may detect a buzzing, humming, or Analog Aid Until the 1990's all hearing aids were og. In short, we looked for and identified anything that could be rubbing against the drivetrain components or the body. But the Garifuna Boys retain a sense of traditional proportion, not always the case elsewhere in the isthmus. Having lived in Belize, and knowing Garifuna communities down the Caribbean coast into Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, it is clear that the cultural, socioeconomic and political circumstances under which they live have not improved markedly, and music in everyday context reflects that fact. We try to be the mechanic’s mechanic.” Also brought in for a consult was Julian Nieto, owner of Four C’s Transmission Specialty. We strongly recommend replacing these units as a pair because if one had a problem, odds are that it sent contaminating debris through the other. On the other hand, international radio broadcasts, satellite TV, VCRs, cassette culture, tourism's impact and the dynamics of international migration work their own cultural alchemy, with mixed results in terms of changing tastes and musical practice.
Garifuna music is anything but a static creation, which underscores the critical contribution of more recent recordings.
Ultimately, TCI came to the rescue with a complete high-perf 4L60E trans and torque converter—but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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